Mitee, MOSOP Condemn Lopsided DSS Apointment

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Former president of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) Ledum Mitee has condemned the recent appointments into the Department of State Security (DSS) describing it as unfair. Mitee who spoke to the Vanguard said the lopsided DSS recruitment is condemnable.

"You cannot allocate more slots of the secret police to a section of the country. It portends danger for national security because the secret police is a very key component of national security. When you structure it in a manner that it is populated by those from a section of the country then it is unfair and unacceptable." Mitee said.

Also reacting, the Publicity Secretary of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke said the appointments underscores the unseriousness of the Nigerian leadership towards nation building, human rights and justice. Nsuke said, given the regional and ethnic lopsidedness of the recruitment exercise, we are not sure Ogoni may get 1 slot out of the 7 allocated to the entire Rivers State yet Ogoni alone generates more revenue to the country than Katsina State that got 51 slots.

Nsuke who spoke in Port Harcourt said, "This unfairness is evident in many aspect of our national life. One clear case is the failure of our laws to protect our environment. The result is the death sentence Shell's irresponsibility has passed on the Ogoni people and unfortunately, the Nigerian system cannot hold Shell to account. The other is our unjust political system where indigenous communities like the Ogoni generate the revenue that runs the state yet they do not have a right to participate in Nigeria's democratic process as a distinct ethnic nationality. You find that in a country that is funded by minorities, out of the 36 states of the country, the majority tribes control 30 while those whose revenue run the country are lumped into 6 states.

Nsuke maintained that injustice in Nigeria is pervasive and must be addresses to put Nigeria on the path of progress.

Nsuke blamed the current crises in the Niger Delta on such unfairness. "I think we all know that the resources that sustains this country comes from the oil of the Niger Delta people. It is unfair for Katsina state alone to get more slots in a federal recruitment than the entire Niger Delta region whereas, the money that runs the DSS come from the Niger Delta states. I think actions like this are the root of the crises in Nigeria" Nsuke said.

The DSS recruitment runs thus: Anambra 10, Bauchi 23, Bayelsa 7, Benue 9, Borno 16, Cross River 9, Delta 8, Ebonyi 7, Edo 6, Ekiti 12, Enugu 9, FCT 7, Gombe 14, Imo 11, Jigawa 14, Kaduna 24, Kano 25, Katsina 51, Kebbi 16, Kogi 11, Kwara 13, Lagos 7, Nassarawa 11, Niger 11, Ogun 8, Ondo 9, Osun 10, Oyo 11, Plateau 9, Rivers 7, Sokoto 15, Taraba 16, Yobe 12 and Zamfara 20.


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