Nigeria Has Left Ogoni Terribly Battered, Says Nsuke

The Movement for the Survival of te Ogoni People (MOSOPP) says Nigeria has left the Ogoni people in a terribly battered condition. Publicity Secretary of the movement, Fegalo Nsuke said this on Sunday, yesterday in a chat with newsmen.

Nsuke said he as in Ogoni to condole with families who have lost their loved ones during the week. He regretted that Shell, the company who spearheaded the genocidal mission in Ogoni has not been punished by the Nigerian government neither has the government taken steps to protect the oil bearing communities and prevent further pollution of the area.

"Shell has done all these evil to us, destroyed our environment and polluted our waters and air. Now what we have is an increasing death rate. If nothing is done fast, we are all sure to die from terminal diseases like cancer, kidney failures and others" he said.

Nsuke noted that the first thing we expect Shell to do is to immediately fix the environmental problems it created by cleaning the spills. This should be a top priority and an emergency for Shell and the government.

The MOSOP spokesperson however expressed confidence that the planned cleanup of Ogoni is irreversible. "We admit that the steps taken to clean Ogoniland had been very sluggish. However, we are confident that the land will be cleaned and I want to state that both Shell and the Nigerian government have no option than to clean our environment which they polluted" he said.

Ogoniland had been severely damaged by oil spills resulting from over 50 years of Shell's presence in the area. A U.N report in 2011 revealed an alarming rate of pollution noting the damaging effect on health of the people. Nearly 6 years after the report, the report is yet to be implemented. The government had in June 016 launched an elaborate cleanup campaign led by the Nigerian Vice President, Prof. Osinbajo. In practical terms, no work has commenced in Ogoniland regarding the cleanup of the area.