NOSDRA, Others Cannot Guarantee Success for the Ogoni Cleanup - Nsuke

The Publicity Secretary of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Fegalo Nsuke, has said that only the Ogoni  people can guarantee the success of the Ogoni cleanup exercise and not NOSDRA, HYPREP, and all the other agencies of government.

Nsuke spoke in Port Harcourt yesterday while answering questions from newsmen. The MOSOP spokesman said, "The reality is that only the people of Ogoni can guarantee the success of the cleanup programme and not the government appointed supervisors or people who are predominantly self-seeing".

On the rumored collection of job applications by HYPREP and NOSDRA, Nsuke said, the position of MOSOP is that it is premature and runs contrary to an earlier position of the HYPREP Governing Council for HYPREP or NOSDRA to start collecting applications for the cleanup. The President of MOSOP has made this clear during a recent press interview and I want to re-emphasize that such moves by NOSDRA are not known or acceptable to us."

The MOSOP spokesman said, the Ogoni people expect the construction of the Integrated Soil Management Center to immediately commence, The Center of Excellence and the provision of water in all communities should also be undertaken before any meaningful work can commence on the actual cleanup. We also expect studies on pollution sites in our communities not covered under current UNEP report.

"The UNEP report is very clear on what to do. You cannot commence any work without the specifications by the geologists nor can you rely on any of our existing laboratories,. That was the reason why UNEP recommended the construction of an Integrated Soil Management Center to avoid the situation we had during the study when over 5,000 samples were couriered oversees to London and the U.S . If the government will be seen as committed and not attempting to swindle the Ogoni people, then these procedures must be followed diligently" Nsuke said.

He further urged Ogonis to disregard callous and distractive radio debates and comments attempting to mislead the public on the actual procedure that will guarantee success and maintained that MOSOP will not condone any attempt to shortchange the interests of the Ogoni people.

"In any case, it is ridiculous that organizations like NOSDRA that have woefully failed in their duties and have been silent despite established high level pollution in Ogoni have suddenly tried to use the media to cover up their incompetence. Their real interest will become clearer overtime but I can say, we have been previously disappointed in them and they should not attempt to create bottlenecks for this process by derailing from a well documented procedure for success already laid down by UNEP. Their sudden frenzy about the Ogoni cleanup suggests they probably act only when money is available. Nsuke said.

Ogoni, a small minority and oil rich community in the Niger Delta had been polluted by years of oil exploitation by Shell in the land. In 2011, a U.N report exposed gave dangers to human lives and survival in Ogoni due to high pollution. The report is yet to be implemented and many have accussed the government of dishonesty to clean the area.