Cynicism trails Ogoni cleanup after ceremonial flag off

The optimism raised by the flag off of the implementation of the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) report on Ogoniland 24 days ago, might soon be replaced by cynicism. Many in Ogoni and around the world had reckoned that the June 2, 2016 ceremony was to be a major breakthrough in solving one of the most serious environmental crises humanity has faced. But the seeming inability of the Federal Government to constitute the governing council and board of trustees 24 days after is now fuelling a feeling of disappointment that the exercise was perhaps without altruistic motives.

My Turn: A platform against corporate greed

I am at the Democratic National Convention this week, proud to represent New Hampshire as a Hillary Clinton delegate. The convention will be particularly meaningful to me because the party platform we will be adopting finally addresses the issue that brought me to the United States: environmental protection from corporate greed.

The Renewed Niger Delta Crisis, The Ogoni Cleanup And My Worries

Last week end I was in the Niger Delta. As I drove up from the PH International Airport airport, Omagwa, towards Elele in my attempt to connect the East -West Road to head on to Yenagoa, capital of Bayelsa State, I was startled. First there was this long traffic back up and I was wondering what the matter was. Then I noticed that People were getting down from their buses and cars and moving forward with with their two hands raised.

Nigeria: Ogoni still bleeding

“We, the Ogoni people, do not want another military installation on our soil. Widespread mayhem, massacre, and scenes of carnage were all too common in Ogoniland. Our iconic leaders, including Ken Saro Wiwa, were judicially lynched by the State.”