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A non political Ogoni Group, the Save Our Ogoni Project has expressed worry over what it claims amounts to poor standards used in the

The exploration of oil in Niger Delta and the resultant environmental degradation has led to a huge clamour for environmental justice in Ogoni. And,


The easiest scandal or crisis in the Niger Delta seems to always come from Ogoni clean-up project, an issue that was at one point

Since the emergence of civilian rule in 1999, every administration has been faced with  the burning issue of the Niger Delta struggle for resource control

The Nigerian Civil War aka

The Superhighway project has been controversial from the day it was first announced publicly for many reasons. First, it was routed without regard to

About a week ago, I came across a Nigerian news headline with a caption “Chaos as House rejects S’East development bill.” Given the

Life indeed is only a journey. When I heard that Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr had died, I was dumbstruck. I was scrolling through my BBM

November 10th marked the 21st anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa’s murder by Nigeria’s military dictatorship for challenging Shell’s devastation of his home –

November has proved to be a very terrifying month for the Saro-Wiwa family. Exactly 21 years ago – on 10 November 1995 – the head of the family, Ken

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