Don't Gamble With Ogonis, Youth Coalition Warm Politicians Featured

A Coalition of Ogoni Youth leaders has warned desperate politicians from Ogoni to desist from playing politics with the name of Ogoni, urging them to know that Ogonis are not at war with other tribes in Rivers State, neither is Ogoni a registered political party in Nigeria or Rivers State.  It is pertinent for them to known that there are over 28 registered political parties today in Nigeria, which any Ogoni man or woman can use as a platform to contest any election.

We therefore caution desperate politicians to stop the ideas of using ogoni name as a negotiating tool for his/her selfish political interests .

The Ikwerres supported the then governor Peter Odili and grabed rapid developments in their land, also their continuous support and loyalty also earned them the governor of Rivers State. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi or Celestine Omehia did not declare war on the incumbent governor, rather they rally round governor Peter Odili and drummed support for him.  

So any good politician from Ogoni that has the people first at heart, will be ready to support a governor that has openly demonstrated his unending love to the Ogoni people, by constructing the Saakpewan/Bori/ Kono road, reconstruction of Birabil Memorial Grammar School, Reconstruction of Bori, Bodo and Terabor General hospital  and the completion of the trans-gokana road project with street lights amongst others, in the midst of dwindling allocation and oppressions from the government at the center.

We therefore call on other ethnic groups in Rivers State, not to take the agitators seriously or to see the Ogoni’s as self centered politicians that can exist without other ethnic groups in Rivers State, or that the Ogonis have so declare political war against them, because we have lived as brothers and sisters, good neighbors and never at any political war with others tribes in Rivers State, noting that at the appropriate time other tribes will support Ogoni’s to produce the governor of Rivers State.
Noteworthy that the current voting strength of individual LGAs doesn’t empower the Ogoni’s to singlehandedly produce a governor in a general election without the cooperation of other ethic groups in the state.

Gbene- Lekue Zini

Publicity Secretary
Dormene Mbea.

Credit: ScanNews


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