In close to 28 years, the people of Ogoni have consistently asked Nigeria of one thing - basic rights and freedom. In response, the Nigerian

The Ogoni people have suffered tremendously in Nigeria. There is no form of oppression, terrorism and torture that Nigeria has not conceivably committed against

At the inception of this administration, I had anticipated some relief for the Ogoni people not only because the new president had during his
On December 27 2017, the Secretariat
The 1995 hanging of nine Ogoni human rights activists remains a permanent stain on Nigeria's claim to civilization. The role Shell
Agitations for a fair and just system in
I do not how best to describe Shell Nigeria and her new ally, the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), both of which have exhibited very

The Nigerian state pretends not to know the truth about  the pains of the Ogoni people and the discrimination against the minorities of the

If you have ever been conversant with the story of Nigeria's Ogoni people, then you will agree with me that when soldiers are deployed to Ogoniland, you

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