Belema Oil Is Shell Oil...It Has No Competence to Produce Oil In Ogoni Featured

My Dearest Ogoni Brothers and Sisters; Friends and Politicians, Chiefs, Organizational leaders and Leaders of thought: May I seize this medium to request humbly and respectfully that you please be at peace with yourselves, and think critically, protect the interest of Ogoni people at every cost, every time and anywhere.

Ogoni oil can't and must not be produced until the implementation of a considerable aspect of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) report recommendations, and a state for Ogoni is created to grant the people political and economic control of their/your affairs like about 32 out of 36 states in Nigeria created on ethnic basis. An overdue and justly demanded state for Ogoni, if created as the right thing to do will allow Ogoni to benefit directly from derivation money of 13, 25, 40 or whatever percentage that may be agreed upon by the oil producing states and the Federal government. You must not make the mistake of permitting oil production without these demands satisfactorily met; else the fault and eternal shame shall be yours.

Meanwhile, assuming the rumor about Belema Oil buying $hell's assets that belongs to Ogoni and intent to start oil production without first implementing the UNEP report ends up being true, and by the approval of the Federal government/Pres. Goodluck Jonathan-the entities or their designee authorized by the 1999 Military Constitution to handle oil prospecting/production. I pray you not to be confused or deceived about the baby-company called Belema Oil, founded by Jack-Rich Tein Jr. in 2012, as an oil producing company and incorporated in 2013. Belema Oil has no tested record, capacity including financial standing, insurances or credibility to explore oil in Ogoni not to mention production or deal with oil spills, pollution and degradation, which $hell, a longstanding, rich yet dishonest and corrupt company like the Federal government/Jonathan couldn't or refused blatantly to handle.

According to Belema Oil's Website, which has no phone number a serious company today will and should have for easy access and business communication, though it's an email address as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It's a $hell contractor and so $hell itself. This is the only traceable company it listed to have worked for. That is, Belema works on  $hell's Oil Mining License (OML) number 25, and no other company cited as client.

 More importantly, if Belema Oil truly accepts to buy $hell's criminal acts, which include but not limited to deliberate pollution, degradation and killing knowing it hasn't the wherewithal, the company is dishonest hence a continuation of the rogue company $hell; the  pains, pollution and deaths it caused in Ogoni. If true then $hell is behind Belema, hence the latter is fronting the former.

You'd understand that $hell is trying to run away from its deliberate crimes in Ogoni, so doing everything within its reach to sell off its assets, which should legally belong to Ogoni as collateral for unpaid royalties and rents plus owed development, though the oil is Ogoni's, and neither $hell's nor the Federal government's. The company must be stopped by stopping Belema, if the rumor turns true. Legal injunctions can and should also be attempted to stop these immoral companies not minding their influence and the fact that the judiciary is corrupt. There could be justices who may see legal and moral grounds, reasons with you.

In addition, Belema Oil alleged financial partner is Seplat Petroleum Development Company based in Lagos, and founded in 2009. It's reportedly owned by the French. This company reports on its Website that it produces 30, 000 barrels of oil per-day. Belema which claims to have acquired OML 55 has no daily production count-meaning it's no production job and experience, but maintenance support, pipeline surveillance/leaks prevention and supply of flow-stations and gas operations staff to $hell (its supposed sponsor) at OML number 25.

 As Ogonis, you must be vigilant and understand that the rumors of oil resumption in Ogoni aren’t new. The Federal government of Nigeria and $hell, other polluters have never stopped scheming to force into Ogoni oilfields to steal the oil and gas reeling in blood. Neither the government nor $hell, other polluters or new oil contenders such as Belema Oil are interested in the best for you. All they crave and will do anything including lying, bribing and killing to get is your oil.

Therefore, there is absolute need to be careful and united. You must be proactive to resisting and withstanding their gimmick, intimidation and threats. They aren't planning or interested in cleaning and restoring the Ogoni environment polluted and degraded by $hell Oil, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the Federal government, which grants these greedy and insensitive companies protection to pollute and mistreat Ogonis and other oil producing communities and ethnic nations in Nigeria due to its economic interest.

None is willing to sustainably develop and restore you/the people, through adequate compensate for decades of oil-related destruction and  displacement from sources of livelihood, which causes alarming poverty in Ogoni hence hardship including public health challenges and deaths due to such hard-time and unhappiness.

Lastly, let me reiterate that Belema Oil has no traceable track record in business not to mention oil production rather, she's a $hell's contractor. It isn’t a new company with 2 years incorporation, and not a neutral and disinteresting party in the Ogoni, $hell-Federal government conflict. $hell may be behind its rants so would use her as proxy to reinvest and produce oil in Ogoni in gross disrespect to Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 Ogoni martyrs alongside 4,000 others killed by $hell and Nigeria in attempt to cover-up the massive environmental degradation they cause, and evade responsibility and accountability as they're struggling to do more than 4 years the UNEP report was released.

Ogonis owe it to themselves and generations unborn to think fast now, act smart, resist Belema, $hell, the Federal government and any other company which may indicate interest in resuming oil production and inflict more pollution on Ogoni without first cleaning the current mess and implement the UNEP recommendations to a significant level satisfactory to Ogonis.

For oil production to resume in Ogoni, in addition to meeting the requirements of the UNEP report which adds that oil production must stop for better clean-up and restoration to happen, a state for Ogoni, which is the minimum demand stipulated in the Ogoni Bill of Rights (OBR) must be created in the name of justice, equality, peace, stability and progress.


Thank you very much when you act accordingly and take this message everywhere for public enlightenment.


Ben Ikari (International Human Rights and Environmental Justice Advocate)

Last modified on Monday, 03 April 2017 17:18

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