Mr. Fegalo Nsuke’s Declaration presents an opportunity for peace and true reconciliation in MOSOP - COP USA

Mr. Fegalo Nsuke’s Declaration presents an opportunity for peace and true reconciliation in MOSOP

The Council of Ogoni Professionals (COP International, USA) is pleased with the President of MOSOP, Mr. Fegalo Nsuke’s decision not to seek re-election for MOSOP Presidency in the forthcoming elections in December 2021. We salute Mr. Nsuke for his courage, integrity, and unwavering adherence to democratic principles. This singular act, in a way, signals the end of leadership struggle, the beginning of a true reconciliation and lasting peace in MOSOP.

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In view of this new development, COP therefore:

    1. Appeal to all factions of MOSOP to sheath their sword and give peace a chance by participating in this upcoming election being organized by Nsuke-led MOSOP
    2. Appeal to all MOSOP reconciliatory bodies to work with Nsuke-led MOSOP to conduct a free and fair election in 2021
    3. Call on President Fegalo Nsuke-led MOSOP Administration to consult widely with other aggrieved parties and bring everyone on board so that the 2021 election can be a unified process and a positive turning point in our beloved organization. We encourage Mr. Nsuke to broaden the electoral committee and accommodate representatives from other factions to ensure an all inclusive, free, fair, and transparent process.
    4. Finally, we are committed to working with anyone who emerges from a unified and democratic process. We will also mobilize our resources to support the new administration as this is a unique opportunity for us to enthrone peace and unity in MOSOP.

Neeka N. Meneh Executive Secretary

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