Prince Biira is Not President of MOSOP - Ogoni Group

Being response to a press statement issued by Chief G.N.K Gininwa, self acclaimed Chairman of the Ogoni Council of Traditional Rulers
At the kangaroo trial which led to the eventual murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa, today's King Gininwa testified against Saro-Wiwa through one Limpa Gbaah who represented him at the tribunal in 1995. Gininwa fought against Ken up until his death on November 10, 1995.
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It is no surprise that King Gininwa is today masquerading as Prince Biira in an attempt to sustain the fight against the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). It is a shame that King Gininwa has not become better and remains petty with support for someone like Prince Biira, a man who was rusticated from the University of Port Harcourt for certificate forgery, a man who does not have as common as a senior secondary school certificate, is neither employable and is hopelessly useless to himself and seeing MOSOP as the only opportunity to sell out for wealth.
Under the constitution of MOSOP, no chief can appoint its president and the decision making organ is the Steering Committee. Under what constitution did Prince Biira emerge as president of MOSOP? He is simply a product of a dubious process usually associated with King Gininwa and his group.
The records are straight.. Prince Biira was never elected president of MOSOP. Prince Biira, with some media men who know no ethics, had gone to Prince's brother's hotel near Bori in December 2020. He was promptly arrested by the Police and made to sign an undertaking not to cause any crises, announce himself as president of MOSOP or do anything to cause crises in Ogoni. He was subsequently released.
You may want to watch that video of Prince Biira'a shameful act on Youtube using the link below:
So why will a man like Gininwa be in support of this shame and misconduct? The plausible answer is that he is still fighting everything Saro-Wiwa stood for.
It is therefore absurd, unconstitutional and an aberration for chiefs to be so mischievous and attempt to infiltrate into the affairs of MOSOP and create divisions just for their selfish purposes.
King Gininwa first attempted this play in 2016 when he swore in a personal president of MOSOP in his palace after the reelection of Pyagbara as president of MOSOP. He failed then and has not stopped. He is at it again.
I will call on all lovers of peace to condemn the current King Gininwa before he replicates what he did to Ken and causes crises in Ogoni.
King Gininwa is said to head an Ogoni chieftaincy council, an association of government paid chiefs and a separate organisation from MOSOP. His chieftancy council has no relationship with MOSSOP. He has been unable to build the credibility of his council and since he cannot stand alone, he makes all efforts to coerse MOSOP into his things. The structure of MOSOP does not recognise King Gininwa's government paid chiefs as MOSOP is governed by a constitution. I should wonder why an old chief like Gininwa wouldn't respect himself and would continue to depreciate the chieftaincy institution.
Let it be very clear to you all that Prince Biira is not president of MOSOP. He may have become one of Gininwa's surrogates but definitely, he is not president of MOSOP..
Johnson Kuele
President, Ogoni Community Development Network,
Green River, Wyoming
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