MOSOP Congress Back Nsuke, Commits to December Elections

A congress of the Ogoni people held yesterday under the aegis of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Gokana Kingdom has declared support for the leadership of the movement under Fegalo Nsuke. Congress also committed to support the elections due in December this year to elect a new leadership of the movement.

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Congress denounced every other person parading as leaders of MOSOP noting that only Mr Fegalo Nsuke passed through a credible MOSOP election process as stipulated by the MOSOP constitution and was validly elected by the people.

Speaking yesterday in Bera, Gokana, Coordinator of Gokana kingdom, Celestine Viula said "we know Fegalo Nsuke and we support him because we elected him. No other person is known to us"

Congress further noted that no individual or group can impose anyone as president of MOSOP and therefore the declaration by King Gininwa who named his preferred president is null and void.

"We hear some people are setting up MOSOP presidents for their palace and household like Prince Biira, they should keep that in their palace because we do not recognize those things and will not ever recognize them," Viula said.

Congress urged traditional rulers including to embrace peace and refrain from actions that can agitate the people and cause crises.

Coordinator of MOSOP in Gokana Kingdom who spoke further at the end of the congress urged MOSOP faithfuls and chapter leaders to adhere strictly to the guidelines issued by the electoral committee. He said the chapter leaders will be committing updates from the electoral committee and urged all registered and validated members of MOSOP to constantly check up with their chapter leaders on further directives.

President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke, a known critic of Shell, on Monday announced his decision not to contest in the forth-coming MOSOP elections. Nsuke said the decision was a sacrifice for peace to return to the movement after several other persons backed by politicians and allies of Shell created factions in the movement to unsettle Nsuke. In a statement made available on the official MOSOP Facebook page, Nsuke acknowledged that the situation at hand was not anticipated and it was necessary for someone to make some sacrifice for the peace of the house which he has chosen to do.

He urged the Ogoni people to be strong and to give support to the MOSOP leadership team which will be elected this December.

The MOSOP national elections are due in December 2021 as the 3 year tenure of Mr Fegalo Nsuke comes to an end on December 31.

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