Disregard King Gininwa's Misdemeanors -- MOSOP Urges General Public

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has called on the Ogoni people and the general public to disregard the unfortunate misdemeanors of one of Ken Saro-Wiwa's known antagonists, King Godwin Gininwa, the Gbenemene of Tai whose recent public conduct has been very embarrassing and clearly designed to erase the legacies of Ken Saro-Wiwa and cause crises in Ogoni.
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President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke made the call in his reaction to Gininwa's claims to the appointment of one Prince Biira as his own president of MOSOP. Nsuke said he understood Gininwa's hatred for Ken Saro-Wiwa but did not imagine that the Tai King would continue to devalue himself in the eyes of the public all in a bid to sustain the hate for Saro-Wiwa even in death.
Fegalo Nsuke said Gininwa has degenerated into a laughing stock by his conduct. He called on other traditional chiefs in Ogoni to work not only to help the traditional ruler but to curtail his excesses as Gininwa'a situation appears to have seriously degenerated and obviously require a psychiatrist.
Nsuke said the increasing embarrassment Gininwa is bringing to the traditional institution needed to be effectively curtailed by other sane members of his chieftaincy council.
Nsuke further said the presidency of MOSOP is not a personal affair and cannot be subjected to the wishes of a few or made to serve some personal interests. He noted that MOSOP was an organisation run by a constitution and the presidency of MOSOP is determined and emanates from an election and not by the wishes of any chief or by an appointment. Nsuke questioned who King Gininwa was appointing anyone for.
Nsuke noted that right from the beginning of the formation of MOSOP, no president of MOSOP has ever been appointed because there is a laid down constitutional procedure for leadership succession in MOSOP. He strongly condemned Gininwa's hate for Saro-Wiwa and urged the Ogoni people to disregard Gininwa's excesses as they were useless and inconsequential. Nsuke said Gininwa's incapacity was already manifesting in his Tai Kingdom noting that it is the only kingdom that is known to have two kings. Nsuke said only a confused team will have two kings and King Gininwa wants to replicate the confusion in his Tai kingdom in MOSOP.
Nsuke advised King Gininwa and his team to reform his chieftaincy council to make it more relevant rather than lose sleep over MOSOP's popularity. He said the Tai high chief was showing a frightening desperation and becoming a nuisance in his efforts to control MOSOP which has far become bigger than him.
"MOSOP is not a local chieftaincy organisation like Gininwa's council of chiefs and I think they should understand that our reach and acceptability around the world is far beyond their control. I will advise King Gininwa to embrace peace, focus on his chiefdom and not give himself trouble over what he cannot handle"
The MOSOP leader therefore urged those around King Gininwa to help him  learn to become a better person at his age. Gininwa is over 90years but appears to have lost his mind recently.
Nsuke also called on Ogonis and the general public to disregard Chief Gininwa's misdemeanors and embrace the peace moves of MOSOP as we move closer to another MOSOP General Elections in December to elect a new leadership including a new president of MOSOP.
Recall that Nsuke last week announced his decision not to seek re-election in the forth-coming MOSOP election in December 2021. In a statement circulated on the MOSOP Facebook page, Nsuke said: "The situation we have at hand today was not anticipated and sometimes, someone has to make some sacrifices to unite the family and I have chosen to".
"Besides, those who were with us from the beginning will recall that in December, 2018, after I was elected president of MOSOP, I promised not to seek re-election just to set a precedent and possibly change the sit-tight tendency that we challenged and defeated. The expectation was that we were all going to unite after the elections to focus on our common goals." Nsuke said.
He further said:
"Unfortunately, we were divided by external forces. While I hoped to give my best in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutuality, that turned out not to be.
In the present circumstance, I believe I should sacrifice for the peace of the house. Moreover, in deciding not to seek re-election this December, I am keeping to the promise I made in 2018 notwithstanding the troubles and unfortunate drawbacks I and those with whom I worked faced.
I encourage you all to be strong, like I am, and remain steadfast. Our struggle is on course and our destination is certain. I repeat that our struggle is on course and our destination is certain.
Let's all give our best to the team that emerges in December and encourage them to be focused on pushing forward a developmental solution to the endemic Ogoni problem" Nsuke said in the statement.
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