“The Ogoni Good man. Komene Famaa. European MOSOP Representative goes home. “

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Tee Komene was one of the outspoken voices in the Ogoni struggle who made his impact felt at home and abroad. In the heat of our struggle for environmental justice in early 1990s in Nigeria, Komene was instrumental to the success of the First Ogoni Day Celebration” held on January 4th, 1993 which was adjudged one of the most peaceful rallies in the annals of the Ogoni struggle where over 300,000 Ogonis came out to protest peacefully against Shell and Nigerian Government’s environmental terrorism against the Ogoni people. In fact, his accomplishments in our struggle are innumerable and unquantifiable.

During his sojourn in Italy, Ireland and the United States of America, Tee Komene was unquestionably one of the loudest voices who seized every opportunity available to him to bring attention to the plight of our people in the Shell-Shocked Ogoniland as well as the travails of Ogoni refugees in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Camp in Benin Republic and other countries in West Africa. The Methodist High school Baen in Ken-Khana Kingdom of Ogoni is a testament to his developmental efforts.

Without any doubt, the death of Komene Famaa has left a vacuum in the struggle of the Ogoni people. He left the battlefield at a time when his experience as a dogged fighter is needed most. As we join your family to bid you farewell, we pray God-Almighty to grant you eternal rest, Amen. We vow to continue our peaceful and non-violent struggle for the liberation of Ogoniland and its people till we succeed.


Eebu Jackon Nwiyon

(Secretary, NUOS Intl. USA) https://www.nuosusa.org

Neeka Meneh (Executive Secretary, COP Intl. USA)

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