MOSOP President Commend Progress in Ongoing Election Process

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In his message to MOSOP leaders in Gokana kingdom of Ogoni who met in Bodu City yesterday, Nsuke, urged all chapters of MOSOP to ensure that the election process is transparent and produces a committed set of leadership who will objectively lead the struggle in the next three years.
In a statement signed by the Secretary-General of MOSOP, Alex Akori, The MOSOP President, Fegalo Nsuke  commended the Ogoni people for their extraordinary courage and tenacity to sustain the struggle for justice in Nigeria and assured them that a new a vibrant executive of MOSOP will be in place to pilot the affairs of the organization for another three years.
Meanwhile, chairman of the 2021 MOSOP Electoral Committee, Chief Pius Giadom, has announced the extension of the period for the collection of nomination forms.
Speaking in Bodo City, Gokana local government yesterday, Chief Giadom said eligible contestants will still need to collect nomination forms in their chapters.
The Central Committee of MOSOP has mandated the Giadom-led electoral committee to conduct elections to usher in a new MOSOP executive committee al all levels. The election process is still ongoing.
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