HYPREP threatens to revoke water contracts over delays

The Hydrocarbon Pollution Remediation Project has threatened to revoke the contracts of the contractors handling remediation and water projects in Ogoni land. According to HYPREP, if the contractors do not speed up completion of their work it would have no other choice than to revoke their contracts.

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The acting Project Coordinator of HYPREP, Prof. Philip Shekwolo said this during a Performance Review meeting held with contractors at the Project Coordination Office in Port Harcourt.

He added that although the agency was committed to growing the capacity of local contractors, it is set to raise the bar for subsequent contracts to enable more financially viable remediation companies to have access to contracts.

He said, “Records show that HYPREP pays contractors based on milestones they have achieved.”

He said the agency has stepped up its performance monitoring measures to further assess contractors’ performance. He added that contractors must ensure proper housekeeping by demobilising from sites upon completion of work to avoid vandalism of their equipment.

Speaking on the sustainability plans for water, the Shekwolo said the Central Representative Advisory Committee has been assigned to set up community-based water consumers’ committees and provide them with the Terms of Reference

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