172 undocumented polluted sites discovered in Ogoniland – HYPREP

The new Project coordinator of the Hydrocarbon Pollution and Remediation Project, HYPREP, Ferdinand Giadom has revealed that about 172 polluted sites have been discovered in Ogoniland since 2011 when the UNEP report was submitted.

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Giadom disclosed this on resumption of duty while briefing journalists in Port-Harcourt.

He, however, assured that a quick assessment will be conducted on the “undocumented sites”.

Speaking on the improvement of livelihood for the people of Ogoniland, the new HYPREP coordinator stated that the agency will improve the economic progress of the Ogoni communities, using agricultural schemes.

He said with formidable agro entrepreneurs, Ogoni youths will be able to create a “sustainable means of livelihood”.

Giadom also promised to ensure the provision of portable water for Ogoni people before the end of the year as contained in the recommendation of the UNEP report.

Giadom took over from Professor Philip Shekwolo, who had been in acting capacity, following the exit of the former project coordinator, Marvin Dekil.

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