The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has slammed statements ascribed to the Caretaker Chairman of Tai Local Government Area, Mr. Silver Ngba and widely reported by the press as not only disgraceful but also provocative and a huge betrayal of the Ogoni people. MOSOP has thus called on the Ogoni people to be wary of the internal traitor, Mr. Ngba.  
In a statement by the Media Adviser to the MOSOP President, Bari-ala Kpalap, MOSOP said Mr. Ngba had confessed to journalists how he connived with Shell, using soldiers and the police to chase away Ogoni demonstrators protesting against the controversial laying of pipelines in the area without the free, prior and informed consent and agreement with the Ogoni people as well as carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before embarking on the project. He as well lamented that the oil mogul has refused to pay him as agreed after accomplishing his part of the deal.
That the Tai LGA chair could publicly tell the world how he took part in actions that violated the fundamental human rights of the Ogoni people including inflicting bodily injuries on innocent, harmless and peaceful Ogoni demonstrators and gave pecuniary reason for his involvement is enough for the Rivers State Government to remove him from office. We thus call on the State Government to sack him forthwith having dented its image. The actions of Mr. Ngba no doubt impose a moral burden on the state government hence it has to act now to prove that it does not condone criminality.
“Although we are not surprised at the confessed action of Mr. Silver Ngba, which has remained a common resort by Shell and some black legs amongst us, it has caused widespread alarm and condemnation in Ogoni. It has clearly exposed the Tai council boss as a shameless counterfeit who has and will spare nothing to get blood money from Shell. It is ridiculous that Mr. Ngba has up till now been unable to realize that he is a victim of Shell’s corporate abuses in Ogoni responsible for the dislocation of local livelihood resources occasioning stagnation and abject poverty in the region”, Bari-ara Kpalap said today in Port Harcourt.
“That he jettisoned the fact that this same laying of pipeline by Shell in 1993 was responsible for the death of Friday Agbarator and the shooting and amputation of the left hand of Mrs. Kalalolo Kogbaara is saddening. Can any true citizen of Ogoni forget that the Ogoni stoppage of the project and related issues, combined to cause the extra-judicial killing of a generation of the Ogoni leadership including Ken Saro Wiwa, Chief Edward Kobani, Albert Badey, Samuel Orage, Theophilous Orage, Dr. Barinem Kiobel and John Kpuinen and other unsung heroes of the Ogoni struggle  in controversial circumstances?”
“We have said time without number that Shell is a dirty company that unabatedly resorts to filthy and bloody corporate approaches in doing business hence it is a firm we cannot trust. Her conduct so far betrays a deliberate attempt to pitch some villages against the rest of Ogoni in its devious plots to divide and destabilize Ogoni. However, we are sure that these evil machinations are doomed to fail as no amount of conspiracies would sway the Ogoni resolve.”
MOSOP has thus warned all Ogonis to desist from working against the collective interest of the people as this will not be tolerated. It is clear that Shell is interested in causing trouble in Ogoni hence we call on the government to hold Shell responsible for whatever crisis that may occur in the region.