Ogoni Women Lament Rights Violations by Army as Community Celebrate Return of Peace

Ogoni women have called on the Ogoni people to remain law abiding but stand up against all forms of human rights violations in the land. Speaking in Yeghe on Saturday, December 30, 2017, during their first Peace Concert, the Ogoni Women of Praise said military raids dehumanization and killings were crimes the people will never condone and called on the Nigerian government to see to the protection of communities from such abuses.
In separate speeches at the occassion which marked the return of peace to Bua--Yeghe in Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State, leaders of the Ogoni Women of Praise, Barisua Daadan, Joanna Koogbo and Faith Gentle pledged to stand against all forms of criminalization of Ogoniland or its communities particularly for political gains.

The women also called for reconciliation among members of the different political parties in the area to sustain the existing peace in the land. The women numbering over 5,000 yesterday marked the end of nearly two years hunger strike to protest against military invasion of Yeghe in February 2016.
The women lamented their ordeal in the hands of Nigerian soldiers, reporting how they were raped, man-handled and brutalized during the period preceding the last re-run of parliamentary elections in Rivers State. Thanking God for the peace in BuaYeghe community and Ogoniland, the women pledged to always stand for peace and progress and for the defense of their rights.