Ogoni Students Decy Inactivity in Use of $5m Ogoni Funds

The National Union of Ogoni Students NUOS INTL USA is gravely concerned about the visible and invisible forces behind the dormancy of Kiisi Trust Fund. Few years ago, NUOS INTL USA investigated the none activeness  of Kiisi Trust Fund holding five million dollars donated to the Ogoni people by plaintiffs from  settlement in Ken Saro-Wiwa v Shell .

In a statement by the secretary general of NUOS, Sampson Npimnee, the students observed an unethical financial entanglement within, and among the law firm or it's employees. Nevertheless, we were told by the law firm at that time, that they will ensure that the money be delivered to the Ogoni people to cushion the aim of the Trust.

However, Instead of submitting the money to the Ogoni people, we were reliably told that the law firm submitted  the money to a probate court in New York, Perhaps, in an attempt to silence or cover the commercial dividends from the personal or private financial entanglement. 

As if that was not enough, we are also reliably informed that Kiisi Trust Fund has been collapsed into one African Trust, headquarter somewhere in the desert of Africa with several none Ogonis as members of an Ogoni Trust. Could any person or group of persons  tell the Ogonis why only Ogonis can not manage KIISI TRUST, and why a trust that was formed out of money won by Ogoni plaintiffs, donated to the development of Ogoni people, would now be converted into some African/Nigeria Trust. We call on the Movement for the survival of Ogoni people  (MOSOP), plaintiffs, and all Ogoni people to sit up and demand what belong to them.