Norway pledge support for Ogoni clean-up

Norwegian Ambassador to Nigeria Kjemprud Jens-Petter has pledged its support  to the Federal Government in implementation of the United Nations Environment Programme  (UNEP) Report.

Jens-Petter spoke after visiting  Nsisi-Oken, one of the demonstration sites in Eleme Local Government Areas of Rivers State.

He said: ” There is every need for the clean up to proceed, we hope to support the Nigeria government but the government must deliver results to the people of the region. I grew up in 1990s as a political activist in Norway when Ogoniland issue came up to the nation’s agenda and coming here as ambassador, I have been planing to come here based on the widely known UNEP report which is now seven years old.

“I am here to see for myself, and to try to understand to see what in ways the International community could be helpful to HYPREP and to the Nigerian Government (FG), in pushing forward in  the cleanup and  rehablitation as been promised by the international communities.