Ogoni Clean-up to Commence in 2nd Quarter of 2018

As MOSOP Make Case for the Political Rights to Self Determination for the Ogoni People

There are strong indications that the clean-up of Ogoniland will commence by the second quarter of 2018, Ogoninews can authoritatively reveal. This followed frantic efforts by Ogoni representatives on the governing council of the Hydrocarbon Pollution and Restoration Project, HYPREP to compel the government and Shell to fund the clean-up process..

Ogoninews investigations reveal that the Ogoni representatives on the governing council of HYPREP led by the president of MOSOP, Legborsi Saro Pyagbara had given Shell and the federal government a deadline to kick-start the implementation process or face some unfriendly actions from the Ogoni people. It was however revealed that the delays in the process was caused by failure of Shell to make the required payments for the clean-up to commence.

An insider close to HYPREP however revealed that Shell was careful about making payments to the federal government ministry of environment insisting that payments can only be made to a HYPREP dedicated account. The source also told Ogoninews that Shell has confirmed the availability of funds and also committed itself to make funds available once the HYPREP account creation process is concluded.

Ogoninews investigations further revealed that the process of creating an account dedicated for the Ogoni clean-up is expected to be concluded within the month of March.

In a related development, the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People MOSOP has criticized the federal government over the delays in the Ogoni clean-up exercise. Speaking on Tuesday on SilverBird Television, Publicity Secretary of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke said the bureaucracy that has plagued the cleanup implementation process must be removed to allow the governing council of HYPREP drive the process effectively.

Nsuke, said having the recommended structures in place without funding was making the structures ineffective and useless. The MOSOP spokesman called for immediate funding for the cleanup of Ogoniland insisting that the only rescue from the impending calamity about to befall Ogoni is for the land to be restored.

Nsuke also spoke on the place of the Ogoni people in Nigeria insisting that it is unacceptable for Nigeria to be split into 36 states funded by resources from Ogoni without recognition of the Ogoni as a distinct ethnic group in Nigeria. Reiterating MOSOP's position not to allow the resumption of oil production in Ogoniland, Nsuke said Nigeria's restoration of the political rights of the Ogoni people to self determination is the way to quickly resolve the lingering Ogoni problem.