Ogoni Group Says Gani Topba Made First Attempt to Kill Saro-Wiwa in 1994

An Ogoni group, the Ogoni Community Development Network (OCDN) has alleged that leader of the Ken Saro-Wiwa Associates, Chief Gani Topba in 1994 attempted to kill Ken Saro-Wiwa. In a statement by the president of the group, Johnson Kuele, made in Wyoming, United States, the OCDN said it was alerting the Ogoni public against Gani Topba, the man who made the first attempt to assassinate Ken Saro-Wiwa in March 1994.
OCDN claimed that it is alarmed that the same Gani Topba who attempted to Kill Mr. Ken Saro-Wiwa in 1994 has become the friend of some Ogonis who seek to enrich themselves at the cost of Ogoni blood which have spilled for freedom.

The statement said, for the records, Gani Topba was arrested in March 1994 over an assassination attempt on the late Ken Saro-Wiwa and was released in 1996 after the death of Ken Saro-Wiwa.

The Investigating Police Officer in the matter, a retired Inspector of Police from one of the communities of Nyo-khana (name withheld for security reasons) revealed that Gani Topba is an excellent sniper and had been identified by the then military government of Nigeria as capable of doing the dirty job.

Unfortunately, he was caught and detained in Port Harcourt. He was let go in 1996 after Ken Saro-Wiwa's death in 1995.

Gani Topba was a known hooligan to all of us in Bori and had been associated with several crime in Bori during that time.

Today, he has been hired by Belema Oil Producing to achieve just the same objective and to rubbish the name of Ken Saro-Wiwa in Ogoniland.

We urge the Ogoni public to be mindful of this very deadly man.