Shell Consciously Wanted All Ogonis Dead - Says MOSOP Publicity Secretary

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) says Shell Nigeria intentionally polluted Ogoniland and allowed the spill to remain uncleaned for over 40years because it planned to have all Ogonis killed.
Publicity Secretary of MOSOP Fegalo Nsuke made the accusation on June 19, 2018 during a chat with some Ogoni youths at the MOSOP office in Port Harcourt.
Nsuke said Shell knew the devastating effect of oil spills and deliberately allowed oil spills in Ogoniland for over 40 years. He said the company had the intention of killing ever Ogoni man, woman, child so it can continue with its nefarious activities in Ogoniland unhindered.
Nsuke described the present assault of Shell against the Ogoni people, where it is currently using the Nigerian military to chase local farmers from their farmlands and forcefully laying pipelines in the area, as inhuman and further worsening the traumatic conditions of local people.
He called on the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, to end Shell's continual use of the Nigerian military to persecute, torture, harass and intimidate local Ogoni people who are already dying by day from the devastating effects of long years of Shell's pollution in the area.