Press Release: Ogoni Clean-up: FG Speaks From Both Sides Of The Mouth ~ Youth Group

The Ogoni Youth Federation (OYF) has accused the  Federal Government of speaking from both sides of its jaw and playing politics with the clean-up of the Ogoni environment.
OYF recalls that the Minister of State for Environment, Ibrahim Jibril and the HYPREP project coordinator, Marvin Dekil promised to commence the Ogoni clean-up in August, 2018 but turned around at the 2nd stakeholders meeting held on 3th August, 2018 in Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt by shifting the commencement month to October, 2018. This is a clear case of double standard and speaking from both sides of the mouth and heights of insincerity on the part of the Federal Government and HYPREP. 
It is worrisome that over two years after the flag-off of the clean up exercise, the Hydrocarbon Pollution Restoration Project, (HYPREP) under Marvin Dekil had continued to deceive the people with rhetoric, rather than carrying out the actual clean up process. Not even the emmergency measures, such as provision of clean portable water and medical evalution and treatment for the Ogoni people and establishment of key institutions for the clean-up exercise have been carried out, rather the Federal Government is only concerned about oil production resumption in Ogoniland.
The Federal Government had continued to use the Ogoni clean up as a platform for political marketing, without putting anything on ground to justify its commitment.
In conclusion, OYF reiterates its commitment to institute civil/legal action against the Hydrocarbon Pollution and Restoration Project (HYPREP), explain and make public how the first tranche of the $10 million released to it for the commencement of environmental clean-up and remediation of oil polluted sites was spent.
Comrade Yamaabana Legborsi
OYF President.