2015: Disunity Threatens Ogoni Governorship Dream

Internal crisis and disunity among Ogonis may constitute serious threat to the quest of the Ogoni people to take a shot at the governorship of Rivers State in 2015. The situation could be made worse by rising political tension in Rivers State over the struggle for power between the PDP and opposition the APC.

Ogoninews investigations reveal that two strong and power base of the Ogoni people are currently enmeshed in violent clashes that could hurt the unity of the people to speak in common voice.

The Ogonis are largely concentrated in the Khana and Gokana local government areas, the two local governments currently are entangled in intra-communal clashes which had been difficult to resolve.

Khana Local Government:

Current crisis between:

Uegwere vs Kono Boue

Kpong vs Luusue Sogho

Gokana Local Government Area

Current crises between:

Deken and Deeyor

Barako and Nwebiara

Analysts say, the Ogoni area remain fragile with potential for conflict between various communities in the two large local government areas of the state.

Nearly all of the crises had been associated to land disputes. Groups including the Catholic Church and The Movement for The Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) have made attempts to resolve the crisis no lasting and sustainable resolution had been achieved.

Some analysts have advocated the siting of major government projects on disputed land as a way of denying both parties the claim of ownership but that is yet to be implemented by any government and we cannot be certain about how many projects will be attracted to Ogoniland before 2015 with the aim of resolving the communal crises.

The most feasible solution appear to be the resolve of traditional institutions to boldly call all parties to a negotiating table and enforcing a ceasefire according customs and traditions of the Ogoni people. Ogonis respect traditions more than any thing else.

In the absence of a speedy resolution of current problems rocking Ogoni villages, their is the danger that as 2015 approaches, political interest could spark off more violent crises especially in a strongly divided Rivers State where the PDP and the opposition APC strives to control power in 2015.