Frank Jonah Speaks on Nwidobie, KAGOTE. Says Nwidobie is a Distraction

Former chairman of the MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators and Chapter Leaders Forum, Frank Jonah says self-acclaimed MOSOP leader Mike Lube-Nwidobie as a distraction. Jonah who was chairman of the Chapter Leaders forum in a chat with Ogoninews yesterday in Bori, Ogoniland insisted that MOSOP and the entire Ogoni people were united to ensure that the cleanup programme was successful.

"We are all committed to the cleanup exercise and in support of the efforts of the government to clean Ogoniland. It is important for the Ogoni people to understand that such distractions like Mike Lube Nwidobie represents are not unusual and should be completely ignored. I think Nwidobie does not understand that although we have always had differences, never has such differences hampered our collective resolve to a free and clean Ogoniland" Jonah said yesterday.

Frank Jonah went on to say: "Let me also state that their is only one MOSOP. And that is the MOSOP that Saro-Wiwa led which is now under the leadership of Legborsi Pyagbara. No amount of Shell's infiltration can divide us. Nwidobie and his team are an unfortunate experience we are having now and my suggestion is that they be ignored. It will not be the first time we are seeing people like Nwidobie seeking to work against the Ogoni interests".

On KAGOTE, Jonah said what we have now is not KAGOTE. it is a wing of a political party essentially seeking to advance the interest of one man. "We all know that KAGOTE collapsed into MOSOP in 1993 and its president, Dr. Garrick Leton became the president of MOSOP, its vice, Chief Edward Kobani became the vice president of MOSOP. In an effort by Shell-backed politicians to fight and weaken MOSOP, they tried to resuscitate a dead organisation called KAGOTE. At best, i would say KAGOTE is a very parochial organisation and that is why it was replaced with MOSOP to focus on the broader Ogoni interests. Its members are also members of MOSOP but KAGOTE is just an interest group solely to server the interest of its members while MOSOP represents the interest of everybody including non-Ogonis who are resident within Ogoni. "

Jonah went on to say: "We do not and never have we known KAGOTE as a group representing Ogoni interests but as an organisation whose sole objective was to advance the political interest of its members. That is what the present politicians who seek to project KAGOTE are doing and they have the freedom to do so but should never claim they represent broad-based Ogoni interests. The only voice of the Ogoni people is MOSOP. That is not to say people cannot come together under any name but KAGOTE is not competent to speak for all Ogoni like MOSOP was authorized to do and that is clearly stated in the Ogoni Bill of Rights."

Jonah had been MOSOP Coordinator for Nyokhana for over 15years and is a member of the MOSOP Central Committee. His position against Shell and anti-Ogoni elements had gained him popularity during the interim regime of Prof. Ben Naanen.