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Nnimmo Bassey, was born in a remote farm village located on the northern frontier of Akwa Ibom State  in the south-south region of Nigeria.

Huge doubts have continued to create fogs around the $1billion Ogoni

In the early hours of Friday, 23th March, 2018, I ignored the dangers of the unhappy, hot and poisonous black soot-filled low clouds over Port

The squabble on who should be permitted to exploit oil in Ogoni, and by-so-doing, exploit the poor people of Ogoni in the long run,

1. Confronted with threats to our very existence by decades of environmental degradation, economic strangulation and political marginalisation, the Ogoni people under the aegis of

For most members of the current Ogoniland community, chronic oil pollution has been a fact of life… Treating the problem of environmental contamination within

A non political Ogoni Group, the Save Our Ogoni Project has expressed worry over what it claims amounts to poor standards used in the

The exploration of oil in Niger Delta and the resultant environmental degradation has led to a huge clamour for environmental justice in Ogoni. And,


The easiest scandal or crisis in the Niger Delta seems to always come from Ogoni clean-up project, an issue that was at one point

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