With much scrutiny and cognizance of the condominiunist against the Ogoni people by the Government of Federal Republic of Nigeria and by order the Nigerian armed forces cum Nigerian business allied, Shell petroleum Development Company(S.P.C.D) an arm of The Royal Dutch Shell; did actually and intensively cracked down on Ogoni land and its inhabitants including humans in 1994-1996.
The Ogoni people were flabbergastedly, desecrated at the level  women were raped in the open molested, shot at site killing order in their numbers, properties looted and some burnt to ashes. Yet for such crime against humanity, no compensation even at worst due apology had not been tendered by the culprits (Fed Govt of Nigeria with their armies and S.P.D.C).
It was the nucleus of the above as been easily detected by the international communities which was counted against the condominiunist, that they now diversify indirect ways of killing Ogoni people. This is achieved through some Ogoni politicians, elites, traditional rulers and Youths by seducing them with money bags that made the mentioned declare their illicit decisions and hateful comments against the masses' wish.
The insight of my statement crystaly embedded in the UNEP recommendations for Ogoni cleanup against oil drilling resumption in Ogoni without due consultation  hence unwanted crisis and in-house killing and outright division amongst the Ogoni people as diversified plan by the pay masters Federal Government of Nigeria cum S.P.D.C.
OBVIOUSLY, it was the Movement for the Survival of of Ogoni people(MOSOP) that campaigned to the notice of the United Nations(UN) for cleanup of Ogoni land and water ways that brought about UNEP recommendations for which President Mohammadu Buhari did flagged up Ogoni cleanup in 2016 at the highly impacted site Bodo City in Gokana L.G.A, Ogoni.
However, the flagged up is far delayed and derailed hence appears fictitious as displayed by the Federal Government and the SHELL joint venture.  The question now is: since the flagged-up exercise till now, what has happen and what next? In finding answers to these questions I discovered that it's only thunder propaganda by Federal Government and S.P.D.C  through HYPREP of satisfying claims of how Ogoni had been clean-up hence collecting and sharing the Ogoni remediation and restoration fund in dollars.
Where had HYPREP done clean-up before or what idea and materials for the job do they have? Candidly until Federal Government of Nigeria and co. tamed their dogs in OGONI, the place ever remain unsave to both indigenes and non indigenes.
I therefore, condemn absolutely  the above bedevilling act by the collaborators in our land and Niger Delta at large and ask Nigeria Government and her allies(Shell & co.) to do the needful as follows: 
1. To show Ogoni people through MOSOP the EIA of chemical that will be use in the clean-up.
2. To enforce all UNEP recommendations before the actual clean-up get started.
3. To standardise the exercise by not giving to quacks not even HYPREP who       knew nothing about the exercise.
4. With death toll so rising daily in Ogoni as a result of ecological warfare, disenfranchisement of Ogoni people's rights to self determination by several laws of the federation, I hereby call attention of Nigeria Government at all levels to reduce their high-handness laws to ease Ogoni people's joining to self determination.
Finally, I call on United Nations, A.U and other world relevant bodies as well as advocacy groups to come to the aid of the Ogoni people before we all perish.
Celestine Baribefe Viura is the Vice President of MOSOP, representing Gokana kingdom He wrote from Borii, Ogoni