Exercise is essential. Either you do it physically or in the brain. I did a little brain exercise after I read posts from kagote and that of NUOS INTL – USA.
What else did I do? Oh, I compared notes. Then looked back. And I saw NUOS USA, but didn’t forget to remember how far this body had walked here in the United states. When I looked at that of the kagote, what I saw shocked me. Bunch of self seekers who are probably jobless and practicing initialism with the hope to find refuge in (Kill And Go Till End) KAGOTE…the acronym that best describes the group.
So, while looking back, I remembered the say: “The past dictates the present and the present dictates the future.” Does this group have a clean and brilliant past with the Ogoni people? I asked. How brighter the future kagote gives could be for the Ogoni people? Couldn’t find answers. So, I decided to write this cautionary note to the Ogoni people about the nefarious activities and the brazen lies kagote is peddling against those working to save the Ogoni people from the dystopian situation kagote created in Ogoni since 1993 till date.
First off, kagote said MOSOP-USA CTC Chairman Mr. Williamson Nwinee gave a rebuff to an invitation he was given to participate in the good-for-nothing telephone conference the group recently had with HYPREP Coordinator Dr. Marvin Dekil. But that wasn’t the case. I’ve known Mr. Nwinee Williamson over the years not as one who would hastily turn down a request or invitation to participate in something meaningful that would move Ogoni forward. I know for a fact that Tee Williamson has been an erring brother lately. But I also know when a lie is said about him. And it’s this type of lie and deception that kagote used 26 years ago in destroying Ogoni. We don’t want it again.
Kagote also called NUOS INTL armchairs activist. How dare you? Kagote usa members crawled on mosop bloods into the US and had lived here for 20 years plus, but no one heard of it till now that money meant for the Ogoni cleanup is available to embezzle… just like it had done in the past.
 Kagote, before you open your lousy mouth about one who hit the ground running right from day one of arriving on US soil working for Ogoni, ask yourself the following questions:
What have you been doing all these years in America? What’s the name of the US Senator you meet with regarding the issue of clean up of your devastated environment? When NUOS put the issue of state creation on the front burner in Nigeria, an opportunity our politicians used in running their campaigns, where were you? Oh you wanna talk about armchairs activism? What if I say you are the rogue activist Ogoni doesn’t need? How many protest rallies kagote coordinators have participated here in the US?
Kagote membership is by merit and by invitation, right? Well, not really sure what that means. But if I should read it the best way possible, I would interpret it to mean socially, financially, and knowledgeably well rounded individuals with good job or business establishment. Are the coordinators of kagote in US or Canada anywhere near those? Well this is up to them to prove. Information reaching me carried that most kagote members don’t even have a job and that’s the only reason they have decided to live a subservient life so that their slave masters back home can offer them job placement at home. What a sad situation! 
Well, I’m not here to examine what individuals do for a living. But as long as The KAGOTE remains the practice of initialism, self seeking bigot, I am not going to shut up and allow skulduggery to go on as well. So, be warned.
Lemea wrote from the United States of America