Ogoni Group Expresses Worry Over Standards Used in Bodo Clean-up Vice president Osinbao launched the Ogoni clean-up in une 2016

Ogoni Group Expresses Worry Over Standards Used in Bodo Clean-up

A non political Ogoni Group, the Save Our Ogoni Project has expressed worry over what it claims amounts to poor standards used in the clean-up of Bodo in Ogoniland. Coordinator of the group, Anthony Aalo made this known today in a statement to Ogoninews. The group claimed that the cleanup does not have a clear terms and plan communicated to the community and could end end up another failed exercise.

Bellow is a statement from the group:

The Save Our Ogoni Project wishes to strongly express our concern over the way and manner Lamor and Inkas, the two leading firms handling the cleanup and remediation process in Bodo community are conducting their business in the community. We note that, Lamor and Inkas are clearly conducting their business in a way that does not assure the Bodo people that we will have a clean environment that will ensure the resumption of their major occupations which is fishing and farming in the community.We are indeed worried about the quality of job that is been done as regards the cleanup. The Save Our Ogoni Project understands that the 400 personnel claimed to have been trained about two years ago commenced work without a refresher training and swimming test. This was against Shell earlier advice and international best practices. Lamor and Inkas only did a one day induction program for the personnel and commenced work. We are worried that the Bodo cleanup may be business as usual but warn that Shell, Lamor and Inkas should show transparency and accountability in the entire process in other not to throw Bodo into another round of crises.

There are no clear terms and process for the cleanup; the community does not know neither understands the areas or parameter the cleanup will cover. Following consultations with some stakeholders in Bodo, the "Save Our Ogoni Project" hereby expresses her condemnation of what appears to be a shady work about to be done in the Bodo community.
Clearly, as stated in the UNEP report, Shell may just again be about to deploy its own standards which the UNEP noted were far below accepted international standards.
We are particularly disturbed that Lamor and Inkas activities including the compromising attitude of Shell and its double standard could throw Bodo community into another round of crisis as their work tends to divide the community as the day goes by.
The Save Our Ogoni Project demands that Lamor the leading company with highest percent in the Bodo cleanup to make public the work plan and the area that the cleanup will cover.
We completely reject the method and manner in which the companies are going about the cleanup and call on the relevant agency and the international community to prevail on Lamor and Shell to clean the Bodo creeks as recommended by the court settlement and to acceptable international best practices.
Anthony Aalo
Coordinator, Save Our Ogoni Project


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