2023: Monarch drums support for an Ogoni governor for Rivers

A monarch, Kadilo Kabari, has called on other ethnic groups in Rivers State to give Ogoni the opportunity to produce the next governor come 2023.

He said a governor of Ogoni extraction would balance the equation of zoning in the state.

Kabari, who is the Paramount Ruler of Barako ancient community in Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State and a former caretaker committee chairman of Gokana council, said this during an interview with our correspondent.

He stated that the oil and gas in Ogoni land should be used as tools for bargaining for the ethnic group to produce governorship.

“The quest for a Rivers state governor of Ogoni extraction is hinged on a tripod of justice, equity and fairness.

“It comes in two dimensions. Firstly, Ogoni is in the southeast of Rivers State. Politics in Nigeria cannot be divorced from the inclusive factor of zoning.

“The Rivers south-east has not produced any governor in Rivers state and Ogoni is in that senatorial district. They have not produced a governor, deputy governor, speaker of the state assembly or even a chief judge since the creation of the Rivers State.

While noting that the Ogoni have been marginalised for too long, “It is for this reason that we call on all other ethnic groups in Rivers state to consider and support us.

“It is a game of if you scratch my back, I scratch your back,’ the monarch states.”

Asked how economically viable Ogoni is to the state and the country, he said the first entirety of the Niger Delta struggle has its root in Ogoni.

“The land is endowed with natural resources. From oil reserve to gas, vast agricultural potentials, human capital among others.

“The greatest stake Ogoni has is that we undertook nonviolently the agitation for the injustices meted on us by the International oil companies.

“That struggle alone should be a tool for this bargain that for many years oil exploration has not been taking place in Ogoni. We have one of the best bonny light.

“We are prepared for the trading of political inclusiveness. It can only be good that the goose that laid the golden egg and has contributed so much in all areas, should be considered.

He recalled that Ken Saro-Wiwa, Edward Kobani, Albert Bardey and other Ogoni leaders died in the course of the struggle.

“As a matter of fact, Ken Saro-Wiwa realised that the tripod was on the environment, social injustice and politics.

“He had done the agitation in the other areas and realised that the key to success in the Ogoni struggle was the political aspect.

“That was why he was aspiring to go to the constitutional conference just before his death. He had found out that the key to addressing all other injustices was political push,” chief Kabari added.

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