Open Letter to Prince Biira by Sunday Abel Gbaranugbe

I am compelled to write you this letter as a critical stakeholder and member of the Central Committee of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) who feel very disturbed about reports bothering on your integrity and recent claims to the leadership of MOSOP, a movement I have been a member right from the days of Ken Saro-Wiwa. As a member of the Central Committee, I am very disturbed about your continuous embarrassment, misinformation and false claims to the leadership of the movement.
I am persuaded to write you this letter having failed in my efforts to reach you personally to seek clarifications about some very damaging information about you which has been widely circulated and has been a subject of public discourse especially in the social media.
The first is that you were rusticated from the University of Port Harcourt for certificate forgery. The second is your discredited claims to the presidency of MOSOP.
These issues are very weighty and bothers on your credibility. They are very disturbing and I will want you to address them not just for me but for the general public who may also have been disturbed by this information and may have the irk for clarifications.
I do hope you will address these issues fairly, in good faith and not take it personal for they are very important to put the records straight.
Dear Mr Biira, you were admitted into the Department of Philosophy, University of Port Harcourt in about 1993. Is it not true that you were rusticated from the University of Port Harcourt in about 1999. This followed the final certificate verification exercise conducted by the university which uncovered that you forged a secondary school certificate to gain admission into the university. As a result, you were rusticated from the University.
Sir, can we know the secondary school you attended so we can independently verify your records with the school or in the alternative, can you make your secondary school credentials public because my preliminary investigations do suggest that you were most likely rusticated from the University of Port Harcourt for certificate forgery and we need you to clear the air on this.
This instance of certificate forgery suggests that you do not only lack the integrity to speak for a justice campaign organization but indicates that even if there was a credible MOSOP election, you couldn’t have been eligible to contest given that the minimum requirement for election into the office of the president of MOSOP is an Ordinary National Diploma and a proof of integrity. You would falter on these two basic requirements.
Secondly, you claim to have been elected the president of MOSOP at your cousin’s private hotel near Bori. I am one of those so worried about the absurdity of this claim given the circumstance of what happened to you on the said date and the faulty foundation of your claims.
On the date in question, you were detained by the Police to prevent any breakdown of law and order and it was known that the election of the leadership of MOSOP could not have been held in a secret hotel belonging to your cousin.
A video of your arrest by the Police was circulated on Youtube and available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVkdmqlWs0o
Moreover, you anchor your roots in the sham which took place on January 4, 2020.
You would recall that the actions of King Gininwa, Peter Medee, King Samuel Nneeh and Chief Taalor Tornwe on January 4, 2020 were contemptuous of the court processes.
Let me remind you that in the suit filed by Naabulobari Naazigha Lue at the federal high Court, Port Harcourt with Suit No. FHR/PH/FHR/229/2018, King Gininwa through King Samuel Nneeh had approached the Federal High Court for an out of court settlement. The court obliged him.
It is on record that King Gininwa and King Samuel Nneeh never returned back to the court to report the outcome of their intervention but rather in connivance with Dr Peter Medee and Chief Taalor Tornwe went and announced a trash Provisional Council while the matter was still pending before the court. As ou know, judgment was delivered in that suit on the 6th of June 2020. Obviously, your foundation is illegal as it is contemptuous of the court.
Do you not think therefore that you have an awfully damaging credibility and you lack the integrity to lead MOSOP, a justice campaigner? Why is it that every time you want a shot at the presidency of MOSOP, you will always choose your cousin’s private hotel for the embarrassment and laying false claims to the presidency of MOSOP?
In December, 2018, you did the same thing at the same venue, and later ran to the same chiefs. Now, you are in the same net and running to the same chiefs.
Mr Biira, as you can see in the video of your arrest, what were you doing at Green Palm hotel instead of the Secretariat of MOSOP? Who are those who voted you into office given that the Steering Committee of MOSOP which is constitutionally empowered to vote for the MOSOP executives were not at Green Palm Hotel on the said date?
I am a member of the Steering Committee of MOSOP and I know that your claims are fraudulent. It appears to me that the story of your certificate forgery could be true and you probably have been involved in this dubious lifestyle for decades.
Prince Biira, I sympathize with you as it appears you are a very frustrated person with no skills, no educational credentials, not employable and you do not find anything else you can do but to engage in these fraudulent activities to fill your stomach.
It’s a pity that these very awful impressions are all that can be made of you. Your attitude justifies it and you can help yourself by clarifying these issues, especially the issues of your rustication from the University of Port Harcourt.  We know you were never elected president of MOSOP.. With due respect,Mr Biira, It will help you greatly to address these issues because they are a widely held impression of you in the public space.
You can publish your response openly like I have done on www.ogoninews.com by addressing it to the Editor by emailing editor@ogoninews.com.
I remain,
Comrade Sunday Abel Gbaranugbe,
Comrade Sunday Abel Gbaranugbe is Secretary, MOSOP, Eleme Kingdom and President, Allison Youth Movement of Ogoni.
This article was first published on Ogoninews.com on September 19, 2021.

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