Revealed: How Kpalap, Biira Colluded with Journalist to Announce Fake Election Results

Facts have emerged on how on Friday, December 21, 2018, a Port Harcourt based journalist colluded with Mr. Prince Biira, Bari-ala Kpalap and others to announce a fake result on radio about a purported election of Kpalap as president of MOSOP.

Ogoninews investigations reveal that having being driven out of the MOSOP secretariat in Bori Ogoniland, popularly called Peace and Freedom Center,  Biira and his group migrated to an hotel near Bori where an interview was conducted with Biira and Kpalap by a Journalist identified as Barididum Leema and the story was reported on popular radio station in Port Harcourt.

Following the intervention of the Police, the youths of Bori communities reported that they witnessed the conduct of MOSOP elections the previous Wednesday, December 19, 2018 and therefore the Prince Biira’s group were trouble makers who wanted to cause crises in their communities and in MOSOP. The youths also accused the Biira;s group of being sponsored by an oil firm.

The Police led by the Area Command in Bori then asked everyone to vacate the premises of the MOSOP secretariat. The youths were the last to leave the scene it was reported.

Biira and Kpalap then migrated with some persons to a pprivate hotel, owned by Biira’s cousin, and identified as Green Palm hotel where interviews were conducted by a Port Harcourt journalist identified as Barididum Leema and the fasle information about the election of Kpalap was reported on a Port Harcourt radio.

Our investigations further reveal that the journalist is currently facing a probe for the misconduct.

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