2023: MOSOP Absolves Governor Wike of Blame Over Party Flag Bearer

  • Says Problem Lies Within Ogoni, Not With Gov. Wike
  • Urges Sponsored Groups Not to Trade Ogoni Lives in Public Protests
President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Fegalo Nsuke, says the outcome of the major political party primaries in Rivers State should serve as a lesson just as it offers some opportunities for the Ogoni people to rethink their political destiny within Rivers State.
Addressing the media on Saturday In Port Harcourt, Nsuke said the Ogoni people need to learn these lessons deeply rather than blaming Governor Nyesom Wike. He said every contestant knew the outcome even before the primaries and that reflected at the venue of the primaries where most of the Ogoni aspirants did not even show up.
The MOSOP President further said the outcome of the political party primaries should not be seen as entirely bad as it throws up some opportunities which as a people, we can take advantage of. He called on the politicians to drop their self interests and rethink the collective future of Ogoni which he said can only be guaranteed by an internal determination to drive a new Ogoni such as being pursued by MOSOP for the implementation of an Ogoni Development Authority.
“The outcome of the political party primaries in Rivers State is a lesson and I do expect that the Ogoni people will learn these lessons very deeply. Secondly, the outcome also throws up an opportunity and I will expect the politicians to take advantage.” Nsuke said yesterday.
Nsuke absolved the Rivers State governor, Nyesom Wike of any blame and held that the Ogoni problem was internal. He said Ogoni people must stand for and uphold truth and the natural cause of justice will always stand in their favor. He acknowledged that as a people, mistakes have been made but regretted that not much seem to have been learnt from the past. He called on the Ogoni people to turn a new leaf, uphold the truth and God Almighty will also stand for them.
Nsuke acknowledged that MOSOP was not surprised by the outcome of the primaries because the speeches of the party leader made it obvious that we were not favored. For instance, we knew that Governor Wike’s PDP will not back an Ogoni for the Rivers State governorship as in his speech to them on January 4, 2022, he called them the “enemies and problems of Ogoni.” Nsuke further noted that it would have been strange to see the Governor backing those whom he has identified as the enemies and problems of Ogoni and encouraging them to turn into the enemies and problems of Rivers State.”
He urged Ogoni youths to work closely with MOSOP in its current efforts to salvage Ogoni and restore its dignity by supporting MOSOP’s current drive for self determination for the Ogoni people through the implementation of the Ogoni Development Authority.
The MOSOP President further urged the Ogoni politicians not to cause any security issue for the Ogoni people and Rivers State during this period. noting that the situation required some deep reflection rather than inciting people to the streets.
“You do not sell yourself out to strangers and thereafter expect them to take you seriously. So, it is only hoped that we all learn from this” Nsuke said.
“I therefore urge the Ogoni people to refrain from acts that can disrupt public peace. This is not the time for protests. It is a time to think rather than incite people to the streets.” Nsuke said.
He assured that the situation of the Ogoni people will change with MOSOP’s strong drive for the implementation of an Ogoni Development Authority and reassured that victory and true freedom which the Ogoni people seek is sure and near.

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