Address Ogoni Issue Before Leaving Office — MOSOP Urges President Buhari

The President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Fegalo Nsuke, has called on Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, to pay serious attention to the Ogoni issue and settle it before leaving office in 2023. Nsuke said addressing the Ogoni problem would be President Buhari’s most celebrated achievement.

In his message to the Goana congress of MOSOP, held on Saturday in Bera, Gokana local government area of Rivers State. Nsuke said it is the responsibility of the Nigerian leadership to help the Ogoni people recover from long years of neglect, state repression and discrimination by supporting the initiatives of MOSOP to find a lasting solution to the protracted Ogoni problem.
He noted that the Ogoni people will celebrate President Buhari for all time if he courageously takes off the death sentence passed on the people by Shell and lifts the Ogoni society out of its present state of precipitation and ultimate death.
“We expect our government led by president Muhammadu Buahri to address the Ogoni issue before he leaves office in 2023 and that will make him our all time hero.  But if chooses not to, let him know that Ogoni is dying gradually and it will be sad for him to be counted amongst those who had the opportunity and failed to act.”
The MOSOP leader however expressed strong optimism when he declared that he is confident that President Buhari will act and resolve the Ogoni issues before he leaves.
“But I am confident that the president will act, he won’t leave us in the state we are in and not do anything. I am very certain that hope is near” Nsuke said
Nsuke further said the present moments were the best for the government and the oil industry following MOSOP’s proposals for the implementation of an Ogoni development authority as an acceptable pathway to peace and the resolution of all lingering problems over Ogoni. He further expressed hopes that the president will act right on the Ogoni issue to lay it to rest once and for all.
  “This moment is a fine time to act with MOSOP’s proposals on development and the overwhelming support of the Central Committee of MOSOP to cooperate with development initiatives. We expect the government to seize the opportunity” he said.
The MOSOP President said he is certain that by now, the Nigerian Government has learnt their lessons on Ogoni and identified where they erred. We will not expect the government to throw away such a fine opportunity as we have now, especially the commitment and willingness of the Central Committee of MOSOP to support a resolution in the best interest of all parties including the Ogoni people, the government and her allies.
“It’s been a long road and finally, a proposal is on the table, we are hopeful that all issues will be discussed and an acceptable resolution will be reached between the Ogoni people, the Nigerian Government and their allies, the oil industry,” Nsuke said.
He further said MOSOP’s proposals addressed the fundamental demands of the Ogoni people for inclusion and development and assured the people of MOSOP’s commitment to pursue the cause and build a better future for the Ogoni people.
The MOSOP President irged the Ogoni people to strengthen the struggle in every community and be ready to defend the very costly struggle for justice and freedom in Nigeria.
He reiterated that it was a fine moment for all stakeholders including the government, the oil industry and the Ogoni people as MOSOP now has an actionable plan which if implemented will protect everyone’s interest and build a harmonious relationship between all parties and urged all parties to take this moment very seriously.

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