Africanlaw Set to Offer the Global Market Direct Access to Top Rated and Verified Lawyers in Africa

Across the vast and diverse continent of Africa, billions of dollars in trade related transactions are registered year on year, coupled with a host of interactions that require the support of legal bodies to ensure local and international laws are adhered to. AfricanLaw, co-founded by seasoned and passionate Intellectual Property law and innovation practitioner Simbarashe Makahamadze, is gearing up to participate at Web Summit Qatar 2024 from the 26th-29th of February 2024, joining thousands of international entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders in highlighting the future of tech in solving some of the globe’s most complex connectivity challenges.

Having witnessed a marketplace gap in effective access to legal experts that possess specialist knowledge of a host of wide-ranging laws, policies and procedures, AfricanLaw is a start-up in the legal tech space, emerging as a choice answer to one question: “Can legal services access be made possible across the continent for anyone who needs them, regardless of their location?”

“Navigating complex legal landscapes can be daunting, particularly for individuals and businesses not only in Africa, but for those in international markets viewing Africa as their first or next destination for business set-up or expansion. At AfricanLaw, we aim to highlight our position as the sole, pioneering digital platform that is stepping in to leverage technology in revolutionizing access to the legal fraternity, to and from all corners of Africa,” says Dubai-based Founder and CEO Makahamadze.

The Zimbabwe-born UAE expat goes on to highlight how Dubai has offered him and his team the opportunity to not only launch, scale and raise awareness of Africa’s legal professionals, but building the AfricanLaw platform which today stands as the fastest growing online legal marketplace, has also highlighted the magnitude of engagements and subsequent agreements that have their genesis in the brilliant minds of the continent’s legal fraternity.

“In developing AfricanLaw’s framework, we have discovered that a one-stop shop for clients to find lawyers and lawyers to find each other, are real opportunities to contributing towards often complex cases such as due diligence, joint ventures, deal structuring involving mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property protection and litigation, as well as corporate and commercial  law cases that transcends global jurisdictions”, Makahamadze asserts.

“The goal is to empower the global market with direct access to resident African lawyers and law firms as well as a comprehensive database of legal resources, including laws, regulations, and court decisions searchable by country, topic, and keyword, thus allowing research for legal support independently, fostering a sense of agency and informed decision-making”, he adds.

This year’s Web Summit Qatar presents a unique opportunity for African tech startups like AfricanLaw to showcase their innovations on a global stage. The Summit, known for its focus on emerging technologies and disruptive ideas, will bring together leading investors, industry experts, and tech enthusiasts from around the world, and AfricanLaw stands ready to connect with industry leaders, investors and innovators who will open doors to potential funding and future collaboration.

AfricanLaw Co-Founder and COO Facie Chiwanza, is the heartbeat of the organisation’s operations, and strongly believes participation at Web Summit Qatar 2024 will be a pivotal moment for AfricanLaw and other African tech startups.

“Our aim is to showcase AfricanLaw as a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to bridge critical gaps in legal access across Africa. As the platform continues to innovate and expand its reach, we see increasing potential in truly democratizing legal knowledge and empowering individuals and businesses across the globe through transparent, efficient, and cost-effective legal solutions”, she says.

As all roads in the global tech space make their way to the Middle East’s largest gathering of tech leaders, investors, and tech start-ups in Qatar, AfricanLaw alongside thousands of other participants, stands well poised to amplify its current impact, inspiring discourse on more interactive solutions that drive access to Africa’s legal experts. 

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Notes to the Editors: AfricanLaw is a Dubai-based, wholly African-owned interactive online platform that simplifies access to and engagement of top rated and verified lawyers in any country in Africa. With a mission to make the African legal experience extraordinary by providing direct access to high quality and cost-effective legal services, AfricanLaw leverages technology to offer online, innovative, and transparent legal solutions at a fraction of the cost and time of the traditional legal system.

Credit: Yvonne C Mtengwa

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