Conflict Hit MOSOP USA Over President’s High Handedness

There is palpable discontent in MOSOP USA over accusations against the president of MOSOP USA, Austin English Kpuinen for his high handedness and drift towards authoritarianism.. In an email communication signed by members of the executives of MOSOP USA, Kpuinen is accused of violating the constitution of MOSOP USA and disregarding the opinion of congress.
The letter reads in full:
Mr. President,
On behalf of the General Secretary, Vice President, and Treasurer of MOSOP USA , we send our wishes to you and the other congress members as well as all the chapters leaders of MOSOP USA 
We appreciate the constitution that governs MOSOP USA. This constitution serves as a guide for all its executive members, Chapters leaders and everyone .We want to thank everyone who worked arduously to implement these laws.
It is shocking to see that the president is acting in violation of the constitution, and when this is observed, Mr. president take offensive against us.  Mr. President, as you state, no one is interested in taking over your office.  However, what we demand is for you to follow due process that is Not contrary to the MOSOP constitution.
We want to make sure that everyone is aware of everything that is occurring in the executive council, particularly about the president of MOSOP USA. After the project committee’s inauguration on June 12, 2022, the president decided to swear in two candidates without the approval of his executive council. When asked by Apostle Ledibabari Yorka if he had properly informed his executive, the president responded that he hadn’t. Apostle Yorka then kindly urged the president to gather his executive and publicly inform them at that point. Distinguished Members, the president does not comply. On June 28, 2022, the president disregarded his cabinet and interrupted our executive session. by bringing in   Mr. Ledum Kpee to be sworn in. 
prior to the June 28th, 2022, meeting. The general secretary, as usual, texted the president to request any agenda updates. When the president declined, the general secretary proceeded to post the notice of meeting and the agenda he had gotten from the previous minute. The president quickly published another agenda. Given that there are two agendas on the table, the vice president asked the president to make it clear which agenda we will follow. The president objected to respond. The vice president now moves a motion that the president clarify the agenda that will be followed; if not, the meeting should be postponed because the agenda is in conflict. the proposal was supported  by the general secretary and there was no counter motion. The president said no one can call any motion. 
The president ignores an active motion that is still being discussed and swears in Mr. LEDUM KPEE while also adding the job of PRO to the financial secretary. All of these actions were taken without properly informing and officially notifying his executive. In fact, neither the president nor the candidate, Mr. LEDUM KPEE, sent a letter of interest to join the executive as chief WHIP to the general secretary, who is supposed to be the custodian of all administrative files. Is this how an administration operates? that the general secretary’s position is being abused and disrespected by the president? On July 6th, 2022, the president once more acted without the general secretary’s consent or even the secretary’s delegation to act. Mr. president went and posted notice of meeting. when we like to air out our feelings and opinions, only what we get from the president is intimidation for us to resign or drop out of the meeting.
The president is abusing the other executive members who are devoted to serving and upholding to the MOSOP USA constitution by utilizing those executive members who are loyal to him. Instead the president is  empowering the financial secretary to leap into the office of the general secretary and disregard the secretary’s duties by posting articles left and right, the president is failing in his obligation to assign duties as required by the constitutions to his general secretary. Do you believe that this is what the constitutions required of you, Mr. President? Let’s focus on the most current notice of the meeting posted by the financial secretary today, July 15, 2022, for proved and record purposes. Is this the secretary’s or the financial secretary’s responsibility?
Several times throughout our meeting Mr. president has been attacking the vice president just because he is asking of you to do the needful. When some of us asked him not to, Mr. President took offense and claimed that we wanted to ruin MOSOP USA. He has repeatedly insulted our previous leaders, even those who contested with him in the past. Fellow Ogonis, do we live in an Dictatorship or democratic society that respects members’ right to free speech and expression or not?
To sum up, we want the president to follow the law respectfully and uphold the constitution rather than enforcing or imposing his will on his executive. Remember once more for record purposes that nobody wants to demolish or take your office, but we must continue to defend our oath of office by denouncing the wrongs. Mr. president enough is enough. We still love you because if you fail, we all fail. United we stand and divided we fail.  
Thanks, and God bless MOSOP USA and the entire Ogoni .

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