Don’t Do to Nsuke What You Did to Saro-Wiwa – Ogoni Group Tell Nigeria

An Ogoni group, the Ogoni Community Development Network (OCDN) has sounded an alarm over what it calls another sham trial of a president of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Fegalo Nsuke, and an entire leadership of the movement, Central Committee members and several others namely Friday Bemah,, Dike Theophilus, Boy Nnaah, Theophilus Joseph Meekor Mbagha, Apostle Celestine Viura, Mr. Alex Akori and Adamgbo Sylvanus being currently orchestrated in an Nchia High Court, Eleme local government area of Rivers State, Nigeria. In a statement by the group’s president, Johnson Kuele, the OCDN said it is strongly disturbed by the desperation of the Nigerian government to silence the voice of the Ogoni people who have sought nothing but a just and fair treatment in their country.

The statement said the MOSOP president, Fegalo Nsuke and the entire leadership of the movement is currently facing contempt charges over a judgment delivered in May 2020 and an appeal against the judgment was currently pending before a Nigerian Appeals Court. The OCDN is alarmed and keenly watching manipulative tendencies in the proceedings even when the lower court has been intimated of a pending appeal challenging the judgment in question.
“The OCDN is seriously disturbed by a seeming desperation to repeat the scenes of the unjust trial which led to the murder of renowned environmentalist, Ken Saro-Wiwa on November 10, 1995. The president of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke and 12 of his colleagues, executives and Central Committee members are currently facing charges in Nigeria. The very court which passed the judgment against them in 2020 is trying them for contempt despite a pending appeal in a higher Nigerian court.
OCDN wonders why anyone will be tried for contempt over a judgment that is being challenged at the court of appeal. In his appeal, with Appeal Court No. CA/PH/266/2020, Nsuke amongst other grounds had argued that he was not served originating summons, he further argued that the judgment was based on falsifications and the process was speedily manipulated denying him the right to fair hearing. He urged the appeal court to set the judgment aside” Kuele said.
It held that under all known rules, the Nchia High Court which has been intimated on the fact that the judgment in question is currently being challenged at the court of appeal should know that it lacks jurisdiction over the matter.
The concluded by saying “The world is carefully watching how the Nigerian government intends to handle this and we strongly hope that another Saro-Wiwa’s episode does not play out. The OCDN denounces the injustices that are being continuously perpetrated against the Ogoni people in Nigeria. It is unacceptable”.

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