Don’t resume oil exploration in Ogoni – Group warns

A Group in Ogoni Local Government Area of Rivers State, has warned the Ministry of Niger Delta and some few officials of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), not to resume oil exploration in ‘OML 11’ Ogoni land.

he Group operating under the aegis of Ogoni Libration Initiatives (OLI), said reports available indicates that the Ministry of Niger Delta alongside the NNPC are having illegal meetings aimed at kick-starting oil drills in the community.

President of the Group, Mr. Fabeke Douglas, disclosed this in a stakeholders meeting held Friday in Abuja.

He warned that a crisis looms if oil exploration resumes in Ogoni without proper arrangements with the locals who have suffered untold hardship in the hands of Shell Petroleum.

“Over 2000 people with notable leaders died as a result of Shell Petroleum oil exploration due to pollution which left the environment devastated till today.


“How then can some people in their right mind think of exploring oil in the community without the knowledge of the people, knowing fully well that there are issues on ground that halted oil activities in Ogoniland.

“We are more united than before, so no one should think he can deceive us again on delicate issues such as this.

“As much as we are ready to dialogue with the federal government for resumption of oil activities in Ogoni land, no one should take advantage of it to hold illegal meetings with any group of people”, he said.

Fabeke said the Ogoni people are ready to fight for justice no matter what it will take, calling on the government to do the right thing.

“Resumption of oil activities should not be the first talk in Ogoniland, the most important thing is how to restore the environment and the welfare of the people who have suffered decades of environmental pollution”, he reinstated.

He accused government workers in the oil and gas sectors for making money through the Ogoni crisis, assuring that the OLI will ensure that all illegal activities in the community will be put to stop.

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