Flouting Supreme Court’s order is call for anarchy ― Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s flouting of the Supreme Court order of interim injunction halting the ban of old naira notes is a recipe for anarchy in the country.

The governor again condemned in strong terms the position of the President on the Naira redesign policy stating that the President by his action has set a dangerous precedent.

Speaking on Friday at the campaign flag-off rally in Ngo town, headquarters of Andoni Local Government Area, Wike insisted that such disrespect of the order of the highest court in the country is a clear call for anarchy.

He declared that he was not in support of the suffering of the masses and definitely not in support of what he described as the so-called naira redesign policy.

Wike said; “I believe in a country that respects the rule of law. The President ought to respect the Supreme Court and when you do not respect the Supreme Court then it is anarchy you are talking about.

“So, we from Rivers State condemn the position of Mr President for not respecting the decision of the Supreme Court.”

He stated that Nigeria is in a constitutional democracy where the rule of law reign supreme stressing that if for any reason a policy of the government is challenged in court, the right thing to do was to exhaust the legal options or better still discontinue such policy implementation.

The governor added; “We want democracy and there cannot be democracy without the rule of law. Therefore, any candidate who is in support of the policy when the people are suffering, we will not support that candidate.

“Any policy you have to implement, you have to weigh it because you are put there for the people. If your policy is going to suffer the people, then think twice.”

He told Andoni people that they were previously under the yoke of bad leadership that deprived them of the benefits of a completed Andoni axis of the Ogoni-Opobo-Andoni Unity Road.

He assured them that currently, they have good leadership that would not confine themselves to Port Harcourt, but attract more development to the area particularly, the completion of the Andoni axis of the Ogoni-Opobo-Andoni Unity Road.

He added already history was made today as he drove into Ngo Town for the campaign, because he had insisted that the Andoni axis of the Ogoni-Opobo-Andoni Unity Road should be completed.

Rivers State PDP governorship candidate, Sir. Siminialayi Fubara urged Andoni people to vote for him and the consolidation team to continue the New Rivers Vision.

Fubara assured that when the consolidation team wins the election, “we will work in synergy with the council chairman, political and traditional leadership in the area to sustain security, execute more projects in Andoni.”

Credit: Tribune Reports

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