For the Ogoni, Shell is Like a Vomit – MOSOP Coordinators

MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Forum Chairman Mr. Frank Jonah says Shell will never be accepted back into Ogoniland. Describing the company as a vomit which cannot be taken in by the Ogoni people, Frank said “those who eat their vomit can chose to liaise with Shell for a possible come back but the generality of Ogoni people with whom we are constantly in touch have completely rejected Shell and will never want to have Shell return to Ogoniland.”

Jonah was speaking in Bori yesterday during a chat with youths from Nyokhana, Ogoniland.

The MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators Chairman’s statement is an indication that that Shell may never be welcome back into Ogoniland. 

The Ogoni people, led by the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People have accused Shell of collaborating with the Nigerian government to wage an environmental war against the small and weak Ogoni people.

Although Shell has repeatedly denied the Ogoni accusation, a recent United Nations Environmental Programme report exposed the company’s misdeeds in the area.

MOSOP has also recently raised an alarm over Shell’s efforts to cover-up the Ogoni spill sites. MOSOP accuses the company of forcing its way into Ogoniland using the Nigerian military and a divide and rule tactics to weaken the people’s resolve to hold the company to account.

Frank Jonah’s statement yesterday may have a far reaching effect on the Ogoni who are known for uprightness and not compromising the common interest of the people.

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