Group Cautions Lulu Briggs, Guber Candidate Against Impostors. Fraudsters

The Ogoni Community Development Network (OCDN) wishes to sound a note of caution to gubernatorial candidates in Rivers State not to allow their desperation for power to cause crises in the State, especially in Ogoni as we approach the 2023 elections.

This warning has become necessary as credible intelligence reaching us confirm that some impostors, fraudsters and jobless fellows are approaching gubernatorial candidates for funding and in return promising to allow them the opportunity to use the forth-coming Ogoni day celebrations for their campaigns. We want to state clearly that Ogoni Day is exclusively a MOSOP event and the only internationally recognized president of MOSOP is Mr. Fegalo Nsuke. We expect Nsuke to be in charge of the event, or to decide to have it low key, and we do not expect politicians to cause any crises in Ogoni during this period.
We have been very reliably informed from the homeland that one Prince Biira and one Barry Emmanuel have approached one of the gubernatorial candidates, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, for money with assurances that they will mobilize thugs and take charge of the forth–coming Ogoni day celebrations and would give him the platform for his campaigns.
The OCDN would caution Chief Dumu Lulu-Briggs and all other gubernatorial candidates against doling money to trouble maters, fraudsters and impostors.
It is important for the gubernatorial aspirants to let the sleeping dogs lie. They should endeavor not to be linked to anything that disrupts the peace or creates crises for the Ogoni people because it will certainly tell a lot on their reputation not just in Ogoni but across Rivers State as we draw closer to the elections.
We will be watching the situation very closely and report accordingly. Meanwhile, we urge Ogoni youths to be vigilant and resist attempts that could trigger any crises in the area. We urge them and the entire to observe and enjoy a peaceful and memorable Ogoni day celebrations 2023.
Johnson Kuele
Ogoni Community Development Network,
Green River, Wyoming

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