MOSIEND Wants Blue Economy Ministry in Niger Delta States

Movement for the Survival of the Izon Ethnic Nationality in the Niger Delta (MOSIEND), has advised governors of the nine Niger Delta states to create the ministry of Marine and Blue Economy in their respective states.

MOSIEND president, Kennedy West, in a statement made available to LEADERSHIP in Port Harcourt yesterday, said the advice was sequel to the establishment of the ministry of Marine and Blue Economy by the President Bola  Tinubu-led federal government.

West stated that the establishment of such ministry in Niger Delta states, will increase wealth creation and revenue generation in the region.

He said, “The establishment of Federal Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy has opened the eyes of the people of the Niger Delta that our marine potentials have been poorly or inadequately harnessed and that this novel idea will boost the nation’s dwindling economy in the nearest future if states, especially in the Niger Delta are able to think smart and explore it to their advantage.

“The Niger Delta region is richly blessed with undiscovered and untapped resources that can rapidly upscale revenue generation and economic growth, and we want the governors not to waste any time further.

“The opportunities in the marine and blue economy abound, hence, we should delve and explore, because across the globe, countries with littoral topography are consciously taking advantage of immense derivatives.

“This ministry at the centre is an open door to welcome yet another vista of boundless opportunities inherent in our region. The truth is, beyond oil and gas, Niger Delta communities are blessed so in this harsh economic situation there is an urgent need for diversification and looking beyond oil and gas, the marine and blue economy is a promising outlook.”

Credit: Leadership

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