MOSOP Accuse Nigeria of Prosecuting Poverty War on Ogoni

  • Rejects NPDC, Sahara for Oil Resumption in Ogoni
  • Says Shell, NPDC and Sahara are  Symbols of Genocide
The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) says Nigeria’s failure to address the Ogoni problem in over three decades is genocidal and gradually pushing the Ogoni people into extinction. Addressing a congress of MOSOP in Biara, Gokana local government area on Tuesday, MOSOP President, Fegalo Nsuke said the poverty and neglect of the Ogoni was having a devastating blow on the survival  and security of the Ogoni people who live in an environment without basic infrastructure, no economy, no jobs and the government has been unable to provide security for the people,
“Nigeria is taking advantage of the excruciating poverty in Ogoni and using it as a strong weapon against the people’s resolve to stand for human rights and justice” he said.
In a statement by the Secretary-General of MOSOP,, Alex Akori, the president of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke hailed MOSOP congress and Central Committee decisions denouncing the moves by the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), Sahara Energy and Shell to gain access to the Ogoni oilfields forcefully noting that such actions would threaten the peace of the entire Niger Delta.
He said Ogoni rejects the NPDC, Shell and Sahara Energy because they have sponsored violent tendencies in Ogoni with actions that threaten the peace of the land and they do not share the ideals of the Ogoni struggle for justice and peace.
Nsuke emphasized MOSOP’s rejection of the NPDC and Sahara Energy stating that:
“The NPDC and Sahara Energy have been very hostile to the Ogoni by sponsoring violence through mushroom groups in Ogoni in bids to force their way into the Ogoni oilfields. He said they do not share Ogoni’s development goals and therefore were not wanted in Ogoni.” he said..
He pledged the commitment of the MOSOP leadership to stand for justice and fair treatment and demanded an end to the neglect, urging the government to accept MOSOP’s proposals for a dialogue so as to resolve all disputed areas of conflict and pave the way for a new era of cooperation and development.
Nsuke noted that as a people, the Ogoni have a right to decide their priorities and path to their future and an engagement between the government and other relevant stakeholders was necessary to streamline the best approaches that will lead to a resolution of all disputed areas.. He noted that considering the enormous contributions of the Ogoni people in Nigeria which far exceeds $200billion in the past 60 years, the demand for a fair share from the enormous natural endowments is not too much.
He further remarked that while the Ogoni people are willing to engage, the Ogoni position is for the operation of an Ogoni Development Authority which allows the Ogoni people to take responsibility for their development and economic security. Nsuke noted that Central Committee approval of the ODA is an opportunity for all and MOSOP was willing to engage further on how best to implement this development plan noting that it was fundamental to reach an agreement on the development of Ogoni so as to secure its future.

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