MOSOP Advocate Oil Industry Reforms to Improve Relations With Communities

  • Pledges MOSOP’s Commitment to the Good of Ogoni
  • Urges Government to Address Development Issues
The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has called for greater reforms in the oil industry to improve relations between oil industry operators and host communities. President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke made the call at a meeting with Kingdom Coordinators and Chapter leaders of MOSOP on Saturday.
Nsuke said the oil industry has a major role to play in stabilizing the Niger Delta. He said the unfavourable laws governing the oil sector in Nigeria made room for the devastation of the region thereby forcing some of the unpleasant responses that had come from the oil bearing communities. Nsuke called for greater collaboration between the government and the oil sector to meet the yearnings and expectations of the oil producing communities through a deliberate program of development.
The MOSOP leader further blamed the crises that has rocked the Ogoni region on government and oil industry mismanagement of the situation. Referring to the 1995 execution of nine Ogoni activists, Nsuke said the crisis was avoidable but the executions made a resolution far more difficult. He however noted that the Government and the oil industry still had an opportunity to resolve the Ogoni crises and open a new chapter of cooperation for mutual benefits between the government, the oil industry and the communities by implementing the development proposals of MOSOP as the pathway to peace in Ogoni.
Nsuke said that the complaints of the Ogoni people all revolved around underdevelopment and therefore encouraged both the government and the oil companies to work towards a more harmonious relationship with the people. He also assured that MOSOP will be ready to cooperate with such initiatives as its primary goal at the moment is to work towards what is good for the people.
He noted that as a leading and vocal group in the Delta, MOSOP has launched a well articulated program to facilitate the resolution of the Ogoni problem through the implementation of the Ogoni Development Authority. The MOSOP President said the prescriptions contained in the document were in alignment with the vision of the founding fathers of the Ogoni struggle and had the backing of the Central Committee of MOSOP.
He said the Ogoni people have lived in the dark for too long and urged them to put the past behind noting that it is time to collectively move towards the attainment of community goals.
He said the oil industry in partnership with the government must encourage the communities’ new spirit by committing themselves to peace and development. He urged them to show some understanding by allocating resources to development in the communities where they work. He further said the government on their part should be able to push and improve on the legal environment, social security and deliberately undertale programs to build infrastructure, create jobs, protect and enhance the environment and encourage free flow of communication with communities so as to address problems before they become full blown conflicts.
Nsuke regretted that the situation in some parts of the Niger Delta have degenerated into violent conflicts but hoped that a collective commitment to development on the part of the government and oil companies can gradually reverse the trend until it is extinguished.
The MOSOP President beckoned on the government to promote education and excellence, stop the promotion of banditry and hooliganism in desperation to win elections and put an end to the looting of public funds especially those that had been allocated to constituency projects. According to him, looting constituency project funds deny the people every opportunity to see the visible efforts of the government to bring development closer to the people.

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