MOSOP Call For Probe Into Ogoni Killings by Armed Bandits

  • .Blame political class, Says problem comes up during and after every general elections
The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) wishes to express its strong condemnation of the attacks on some Ogoni communities in Khana local government area in the past two days.
MOSOP condemn the killings and destruction in totality including the razing down of the home of the former president of MOSOP, Legborsi Pyagbara. We consider the unending reign of armed bandits in Ogoni a dent on the intelligence and capacity of the Nigerian Police to curb crimes and protect the Ogoni people.
We are concerned that despite the heavy presence of securitymen around Taabaa, one of the communities which came under attacks, the Police and security men around te area were unable to repel the attackers.
It is further disturbing that the security challenges in Ogoni repeatedly surfaces during and after every general elections This trend signals a political connection to the problem and demands an investigation to unravel those behind the criminals gangs and possibly put an end to the problem.
He accused the security agencies of failing to protect the Ogoni people despite substantial information available to help them address the problem.
We call on Ogoni youths to have a rethink and shun violence. We urge them to shun all inducements by the political class to use them against each other while they send their own children oversees in safe lands.
MOSOP therefore calls on Ogoni youths to read the first and second letter of Ken Saro-Wiwa to the Ogoni youths and retrace to put their energies in productive activities.
Fegalo Nsuke
President, MOSOP
August 15, 2019

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