MOSOP Chapter Leaders Call for Investigation into Tuesday Masacre in Ogoni

The Kingdom Coordinators and Chapter Leaders’ Forum of The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has strongly condemned the raid on some Ogoni communities by the Nigerian Army on Monday and Tuesday February 22 and 23, 2016.

Chairman of the Forum Wilfred Miigbara Tanee in a statement made exclusively to Ogoninews yesterday said the act was a gross violation of the rights of the citizens and demanded an investigation. Migbara noted that the Army acted in the most ridiculous manner by opening fire on innocent civilians leading to the death of over 40 persons.

“Whatever reasons the Army could have, we believe it is out of place to roll out tanks against a community and killing children, students, pregnant women and old people simply because you are attempting to catch someone”

“The MOSOP Coordinators are truly disappointed in the Nigerian Army and we are deeply sad about these killings. We call for urgent investigation into these killings to identify the real motive of an Army that will come into an area just to kill innocent people who were going about their normal businesses” the statement said.

The Coordinators also called for the immediate withdrawal of soldiers from Ogoniland to forestall further destruction and killings.

“We further note that the presence of soldiers in Ogoni reminds us of our most painful history during the repression under Gen. Abacha. We do not want to be reminded of this past and we therefore demand an immediate withdrawal of the soldiers from Yeghe and all parts of Ogoni”

On Teusday Februaray 23, Armed Soldiers raided Ogoni communities killing over 40 persons. The soldiers claimed they were after former militant, Solomon Ndigbara, but ended up shooting innocent citizens who were in their shops, homes, going about their businesses. A graduating student of The Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic was killed in the process.

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