MOSOP Inaugurates Commitee on UNEP, Oil Resumption in Ogoniland

The president of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Mr. Legborsi Saro Pyagbara has in compliance with the resolution of the Ogoni National Congress convoked at the Peace and Freedom Centre, Bori-Ogoni on February 7, 2015, approved the setting up of a 15-member consultative committee on the above subject matter with Professor Johnson Nnaah and Barrister Mike Karikpo as Chairman and Secretary respectively. The other representatives of the people serving on the committee are:

1. Dr. Abraham Olumgbe – Member

2. Prof. Barineme B. Fakae – Member

3. Mr. Loveday Mmea – Member

4. Engr. Solomon Adoo – Member

5. Chief Stephen Kpea – Member

6. Rev. Paul Igbara – Member

7. Chief Theophilous Dike – Member

8. Mr. Steve Deezua – Member

9. Dr. Young Nkpa – Member (12) Mrs. Gloria Ntukpo – Member

10. Mr. Celestine Akpobari – Member (14) Mr. Nuka Nwikpasi – Member

11. Mr. Alex Nwikpo – Member

The Committee’s mandate is to further consultation across Ogoniland and interface with different groups and interested investors in petroleum and other developments in the area and processes relating to Shell’s publicized divestment and make recommendations to the National Congress of the Ogoni people.

In view of the foregoing, the Movement has urged all Ogoni citizens and platforms to be calm and queue behind MOSOP in her efforts to ensure that the right thing, which protects the interest of Ogoni is done. It warned the people against heating up the polity with unguarded utterances and dubious declarations in favour of any investor.


Bari-ara Kpalap
Media/Public Affairs Advisor to the MOSOP President
2 March, 2015

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