MOSOP Insist on Saro-Wiwa’s Exoneration Amongst Conditions for the Resolution of Ogoni Issue

Ahead of the 27th memorial of the barbbaric murder of nine Ogoni civil rights activists on November 10, 1995 including Ken Saro-Wiwa, John Kpuinen, Baribor Bera, Saturday Doobee, Nordu Eawo, Daniel Gbooko, Paul Levura, Felix Nuate and Barinem Kiobel, the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) has called on the Nigerian government to accelerate the process of resolving the Ogoni crises by exonerating the nine and fully accepting the Ogoni proposals for the operation of the Ogoni Development Authority as recommended by the MOSOP Central Committee. MOSOP said the seriousness accorded the Ogoni demands will determine the response of the Ogoni people on oil resumption in the area noting that the lives of the Ogoni people were more important than oil.

Addressing a meeting of MOSOP chapter coordinators in Bera, Gokana local government area on Saturday, October 22, President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke, said MOSOP was firmly committed to the resolution of the conflicts over oil and basic rights in Ogoni but has set fundamental demands for justice to prevail and the response of the Nigerian government to the Ogoni demands will determine how much progress can be made on the issue.
Nsuke who was represented by the Coordinator of MOSOP in Gokana Kingdom, Celestine Viura, said MOSOP and the entire Ogoni people will resist every attempt to shortchange the common interest and future of the Ogoni people whose blood and sacrifices edged out Shell whom he described as “murderous”.
He said the sacrifices of the Ogoni people in the course of the campaign for justice were too strong to forget noting that what is expected at this time is for the government to consider the Ogoni proposals for the operation of an Ogoni Development Authority and to commence the process of clearing the names of the nine Ogonis it wrongfully executed on November 10, 1995.
MOSOP blamed the Nigerian government for the sufferings prevailing in Ogoni noting that the proposals put forward by the Ogoni people to resolve the conflicts were clear indication of Ogoni’s commitment to end the seeming impasse. He said the government response to the Ogoni proposals will not only reflect its perspectives on the peace and progress of the Nigerian people but also will tell us how truly progressive the government is.
“The government should be grateful to the leadership of MOSOP for this fine proposal which has been approved by the Central Committee of MOSOP and should chart the course for a new era in the relationship between the Ogoni people, the Nigerian government and the oil industry” he said.
“We have been seriously wounded with over 4,000 of our people killed in state-backed repression, our leader and eight others were murdered in their innocence by the Nigerian state. Despite all these, we have gone further to proposed a solution that is mutually beneficial to all parties. That shows our commitment to progress on resolving this issue. We expect the government to accept transparent and genuine talks so we can amicably resolve all issues and set our communities on the right path to development” he said.
Also speaking, Coordinator of MOSOP in Eleme kingdom, Nwale Nchimaonwi urged every Ogoni to strongly support the path taken by MOSOP to address the Ogoni problem noting that the proposal for the operation of an Ogoni Development Authority was an excellent option both for the people, the government and the oil industry.

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