MOSOP Intensify Campaign Seeking Support for Development Initiative

The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) over the weekend took its community sensitization campaign to Ebubu, Eleme Local Government Area urging support for its development initiative as the right and acceptable pathway to resolve the Ogoni problem. A statement by the Secretary-General of MOSOP, Alex Akori has reported.

Addressing an Inter-kingdom meeting of Chapter Leaders of MOSOP in Ebubu, Eleme local government area of Rivers State on Sunday, President of MOSOP, Fegalo Nsuke called on the people to support MOSOP’s position on the creation and implementation of an Ogoni Development Authority as the pathway to resolve the Ogoni problem.
“In the past, we ran a MOSOP with little focus on development and the vision of the founding fathers. I tell you, MOSOP was Ogoni’s response to underdevelopment and you will find that in the complaints listed in the Ogoni Bill of Rights. What we have done in the proposal for the creation of an Ogoni Development Authority is to address those concerns in a way that sets Ogoni on the path of development while considering the interests of all parties including the government, the companies and the Ogoni people” Nsuke said.
Nsuke criticized the vague campaign against oil resumption in Ogoni noting that the demand of the Ogoni people as expressed in the Ogoni Bill of Rights was for a fair proportion of Ogoni resources to be committed to Ogoni development. According to him, “the instruction Ken Saro-Wiwa gave us was not to allow oil mining activities until it is properly negotiated. That is what the Ogoni Development Authority addresses as a document developed by MOSOP and approved by its Central Committee to serve the people”s interests”
He criticized the situation where some few individuals were exploiting the conditions of the Ogoni people for personal gains noting that MOSOP can no longer be available to serve such personal interests.
“If we talk about development, it requires money and so we can’t sit on the oil and expect development. Our proposal for the creation of an Ogoni Development Authority prescribes a fair proportion of Ogoni resources to be committed to the development process and that will fulfil the most critical demand in the Bill of Rights” Nsuke told the chapter leaders.
“We can no longer allow a few persons to take the gains of our collective struggle such that while we are pursuing the progress of society, they will be in the government houses. We can’t allow that greedy business to go on. The solution is for us to pursue the implementation of an Ogoni Development Authority which addresses the needs of everyone” Nsuke said.
While noting that the proposal for the creation of an Ogoni Development Authority was well conceived to serve the interest of the people, he urged the MOSOP chapter leaders to intensify efforts in educating their communities on the need to embrace the MOSOP’s development initiative as it fulfills the Ogoni aspirations and conforms with the intentions of the founding fathers of the movement.
The MOSOP President emphasized proper sensitization of communities to support genuine commitment to development and resist the use of mushroom groups which basically serve personal interests to frustrate the development initiatives of the people.
He noted that the Ogoni struggle has cost the people so much in human lives and suffering and it is the responsibility of everyone to drive current develomental initiative if the sacrifices of thousands of people who lost their lives and those who went through torture will not be in vain.
Nsuke reminded the chapter leaders that so much is expected of them as grassroots coordinators of MOSOP and therefore urged them to be very vigilant to be able to tackle the misinformation and greed that threaten the peace of the land.
Finally, he charged them to sustain the non-violent tactics of MOSOP by massively mobilizing peacefully and speaking out when oppressed.

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