MOSOP Kicks Against the Conversion of Ogoni Cleanup Site to Cemetery, Prison

Integrated Soil Management Center Converted to Prison, Cemetery
The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) wishes to express its disgust against the prison and cemetery projects being embarked upon by the Nigerian government at the site previously meant for the construction of the Integrated Soil Management Center (ISMC).
We note that these projects are a continuation of the genocide prosecuted against the Ogoni people by the federal government in sleek alliance with the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell Plc.
The prison and cemetery projects are clear signs of government plans to unleash terror on Ogoni, kill and bury as many to forcefully resume oil production in Ogoni. That we strongly oppose as a people and urge the Nigerian government not to embark on fresh killing of the Ogoni people.
Ken Saro–Wiwa said: “Oil production cannot resume in Ogoni until they open up large cemeteries and prisons to accommodate all Ogoni people”
MOSOP is concerned that the prison and cemetery projects are preparatory to the release of terror on the Ogoni people We are concerned that the Nigerian government, yet to implement the recommendations of the UNEP on Ogoni would embark on such a sensitive project such as building cemeteries in Ogoni.
MOSOP demands a halt to the cemetery and prison projects. We note that it is disheartening to see the site which was previously earmarked for the Integrated Soil Management Center (ISMC) now being converted into a prison and cemetery for the Ogoni people.
MOSOP urges the Nigerian government to end the repression against the Ogoni people noting that Ogonis are Nigerians and have made greater contributions to national income than every other part of this country.
We call on the Nigerian government to commence the construction of the ISMC which was originally designated for the space now being used to build prisons and cemetery.
We further urge the Nigerian authorities to halt the prison and cemetery projects as they are not our priorities and do not advance our interests at the moment.

Fegalo Nsuke
Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP)
Peace and Freedom Center, Bori, Ogoni
Rivers State

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